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5 Reasons Mommy Needs To Run

5 Reasons Mommy Needs To Run

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Run Like a Mother

“Mommy needs to go run now” is probably one of the most used phrases in our house.

There are literally seventeen thousand and four reasons why I feel like all women (NOT JUST MOMS) should run.

Today, I’m going to break it down to my top five reasons why Mommy needs to run.


Mommy needs to run for … alone time

When I was pregnant with my first, the only item I wanted to see at my baby shower was a jogging stroller. Naturally, I got it, and I loved it. I could not wait to use it.

Then the baby was born.

I used it a few times.

Then the second baby was born and it was traded for a double.


The double jogger! Very cool, but this was like the first and last time I ran with it.


I used it a few more times.

… and then it sat.

Honestly – I hated running with my kids. It was nice to have the option in case I couldn’t get in a run any other way, but my time running had turned into just that -?MY TIME?running.

I realized that time away from my girls where I could listen to music with cuss words. It’s how I was able to make it through ALL the Harry Potter books. It’s where I would take all my frustration with life in general and just bang it out. By myself.

That time is MY time.

I sold that yellow jogger and haven’t looked back.


Mommy needs to run for… her sanity

Running helps me sleep better.

Running helps lower my stress level.

Running helps me burn some calories.

Running gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t.

But seriously, there are so many great ways running improves your health and your sanity and your mood. The only disclaimer?I’ll throw into this one is if getting in the miles is?stressing you out more than it’s helping you feel better – then just cut back. Don’t run if it’s going to make life harder or worse or if you don’t have the time!

Keep it fun, and remind yourself this is something you WANT to do, and I am positive you’ll have all positive benefits!


A selfie captured during one of my first post-injury runs. I was so excited to get back out there!


Mommy needs to run to… set a good example

I want my girls to see what hard work can do. I want them to witness a commitment to something. I want them to see the medals on the wall and know what it’s like to set a goal and accomplish it.

Even though I work full time, I work from home. My job is “fun” and I go to Disney all the stinkin’ time, so they don’t see the commitment and the hard work that goes into it.

They do, however, see me cross finish lines. They watch me on the treadmill. They wake up on Saturdays while I’m already gone and celebrate when I come home from a training run.

We talk about races and running and even though they’re teeny tiny, they’re starting to get it.


Celebrating Olivia’s 2nd Birthday and Evelyn’s 3rd Birthday with the runDisney Kids Races


Mommy needs to run to… celebrate everything

I am a firm believer in celebrating all of life’s?accomplishments.

This is especially true when it comes to running and races. My favorite part of the whole sport and community of running is that you set out to run your own race.

Yes, each race has a winner. Races have places. You’re technically running to go faster than the runner next to you…

But we all know that isn’t really the case. You’re running to beat yourself, and when you cross that finish line – first or last – you’re going to get that same medal. Your accomplishment is meant to be celebrated.

I love that, so much, and I run to remind myself to celebrate EVERYTHING.


Mommy needs to run to… connect with others

My real most favorite part of running is the community.

My best friends are all runners – we travel together to races and we train together and I have this amazing community – TRIBE – of women in my life that I can lean on for anything. And it all came from running.

I also am starting to get more friends and expand that community by running locally. Recently I ran with a local group of moms – just for fun! And a few weeks ago I ran with a pace group (from the same group of moms) in a Half Marathon, where I killed it.


I was so grateful for this group! We ran strong and had a blast doing it!


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Tuesday 8th of May 2018

I laughed at the happy mommies don't shoot their husbands. Running is such a great community, and I also use it for my "me" time. I zone out and think when I'm running.


Tuesday 8th of May 2018

I couldn't agree more about the community! That's one of my favorite parts about running! :)

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