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New year, new goals and plans.

This week on Tuesdays on the Run we are discussing your resolutions as runners. Let’s hear what you are planning and plotting for 2017!

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I Resolve

I’m not a fan of goal setting or resolutions when it comes to most things. But I am a fan of seeing progress and change, and 2016 did not show me a lot of progress when it came to running. And the change was NOT the good kind, ahem.

But I still had some fun, and that’s what really matters! Like the time I raced a Marine through Animal Kingdom.

So for 2016, I Resolve:

  • To run more. This doesn’t mean run longer or even sign up for more races. But just to run more often. 2 miles isn’t too much to fit in on pretty much any given day, so there’s no reason I can’t do more of those little runs.
  • To be more consistent in my pacing. I’ve always been all over the map when you look at my numbers. I’d really like to focus on running a steady pace for more than 3 miles.
  • To start working on those intervals. Remember when I could run a whole 5K without walk breaks? That was at least a kid ago. While I still believe in the Galloway method and intervals for long runs, I also believe it’s how I slowed way down. So I’m going to work on making the ratios a little longer on the run and a little shorter on the walk and see how that goes.
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  • To find the joy in running again. When I’m out there with friends during a runDisney event, it’s THERE. But the training leading up to it? Nope. Gone. And I used to somewhat like those runs. So 2017 is the year I find that again.
  • I resolve to not take things too seriously, buttttt… maybe a little more seriously than I did this year. That shouldn’t be too hard, ha!

How about you? What are your 2017 running resolutions?

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