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New year, new goals and plans.

This week on Tuesdays on the Run we are discussing your resolutions as runners. Let’s hear what you are planning and plotting for 2017!

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I Resolve

I’m not a fan of goal setting or resolutions when it comes to most things. But I am a fan of seeing progress and change, and 2016 did not show me a lot of progress when it came to running. And the change was NOT the good kind, ahem.

But I still had some fun, and that’s what really matters! Like the time I raced a Marine through Animal Kingdom.

So for 2016, I Resolve:

  • To run more. This doesn’t mean run longer or even sign up for more races. But just to run more often. 2 miles isn’t too much to fit in on pretty much any given day, so there’s no reason I can’t do more of those little runs.
  • To be more consistent in my pacing. I’ve always been all over the map when you look at my numbers. I’d really like to focus on running a steady pace for more than 3 miles.
  • To start working on those intervals. Remember when I could run a whole 5K without walk breaks? That was at least a kid ago. While I still believe in the Galloway method and intervals for long runs, I also believe it’s how I slowed way down. So I’m going to work on making the ratios a little longer on the run and a little shorter on the walk and see how that goes.
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  • To find the joy in running again. When I’m out there with friends during a runDisney event, it’s THERE. But the training leading up to it? Nope. Gone. And I used to somewhat like those runs. So 2017 is the year I find that again.
  • I resolve to not take things too seriously, buttttt… maybe a little more seriously than I did this year. That shouldn’t be too hard, ha!

How about you? What are your 2017 running resolutions?

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Patty Holliday is a wife and mother of four. She's a travel agent specializing in Disney & Universal vacations- and loves a candid confession. Find her in Virginia (or anywhere frequent flyer miles or her trusty minivan takes her.)


  1. One of my running friends regularly runs “joy miles”, miles run just for the pure joy of running. I need more of those in my life.

    Have fun in 2016!

  2. These sound like great plans! Adding in a few more short runs shouldn’t be too hard but all of those little runs will add up! And I hope you can find more enjoyment in training again!

  3. I’m with you on the no resolutions thing but I do resolve to have a lot more fun this year!

  4. I have to admit that Galloway works really well for me (at least my version) and I do it for every.single.run. Speedwork, temp, long runs, easy runs. And I haven’t slowed down — well, at least not in 2016. We’ll see what 2017 brings.

    But every body is different! Happy 2017, Patty!

    • Well- you nailed it though. I don’t do anything but straight running on most days. So it probably would work if I did speedwork, tempo, etc. lol I have more than just Gallowaying on my issue plate! But I think this year is my year to change things up

  5. I don’t have any running resolutions, just one big goal race which is way different than past years. I think your plans sound great, especially finding the joy in running again. Happy New Year!

  6. Great resolutions! I’m huge on finding the joy in each run! I have a goal of 600 miles this year, so I’ll be needing to run more as well.

  7. You’ve got some great running resolutions! Sometimes it’s easy to leave running by the wayside, but squeezing in a couple of short runs a week is a great way to go! For my running, I want to continue to enjoy myself and stay injury-free!

  8. I’m with you – I’d like to work on getting a little more consistent and a little faster next year! Good luck with these goals! Joy is a fun goal to go after. 🙂

  9. Good luck with these goals! It’s funny how different we are all. I tend to find joy in training but get really stressed, anxious and really dislike race day! Still working on that one!

  10. I have always believed the training is always much harder than the event itself.

  11. I think you are straight on target for 2017 …..if there’s no joy in running, what’s the purpose? There are so many other options for cardio. So, if you want to run, you need to enjoy it. We all hit that wall sometimes where it’s just not that enjoyable …sounds like you’ve taken a little break this past year so you are ready to find that joy again in 2017!!

    Happy New Year Patty!

  12. Finding the joy in running is so important – I finally got it back this past year and it made all the difference. Here’s to a great 2017! Happy New Year Patty!

  13. You and me both. My running is not what it used to be. I feel like I have just lost the love for running. I just don’t seem to have the motivation anymore for it

  14. I really don’t set resolutions or goals either, I’m just gonna see where the year takes me!
    I wish I could do training runs with you. I think we would have fun!

  15. I’m with you on running more often! Shorter distances, but more consistent.

  16. I think you are on the right track with your goals and finding the JOY is so important. I am certain you will find it again but in probably one of the most random weird ways- just roll with it chica! 2017 will be a great year for you!!! (my magic 8 ball told me so!)

  17. It sounds like your goals are right in line with mine. Just a little more than last year. Really I love this time of year a fresh start and new beginnings.
    We so can do just a little bit more right!

  18. I love this link up! I have found and drawn on lots of inspiration from you Patty!

    While I am sidelined for the time being (at least another 5 months before I can walk for exercise) I am promising that I spend the next 5 months working my weight as well as my mental/spiritual well being….so when I can run again I can be there entirely in the run…mind, body and soul…#oneintervalatatime.

  19. Great goals! One of mine for this year is to finish what I started in 2016 and get that first marathon checked off… 9 more days!


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