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Revenge of the Fifth Memes: The Baddest Star Wars Memes of Them ALL

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We are living in blessed times, friends. Blessed MEME times, that is. Has there ever been a better month to harvest memes than May? We’re going to bless you with every fantastic Star Wars meme: Revenge of the Fifth style that we can find anyway. Star Wars Memes- Baby Yoda memes, May the 4th memes, Revenge of the 5th memes- are some of the most fun memes on the internet, friends! 

Revenge of the 5th memes: I will finish all the cookies Kylo Ren

May has always been a blessing of riches when it comes to Memes over here. We’ve had the Infinity War meme spoilers and then onto the *Nsync it’s gonna be May meme.

Then we scored our faves: Star Wars May the Fourth Be With You Memes.

Forgive us for dorking out over these Revenge of the 5th memes here, but we really love a good meme, and if it’s a Star Wars meme even better.

Thankfully, there’s a ton of great Star Wars memes on the internet and we’re ready to gather some of our favorites just for you.

Star Wars meme May the 4th meme

What Does Revenge of the Fifth Mean, Anyway?

It’s the follow-up to a play off the Star Wars movie line, “May the Force be with you” which is celebrated on, what else, May the 4th. Sometimes people refer to it as Star Wars Day, but if you are a Star Wars fan, isn’t every day Star Wars day?

May the Force be with you was first said in A New Hope before the Battle of Yavin. General Jan Dodonna used the phrase toward the Rebel pilots as they planned the attack on the Death Star.

may the 4th meme han solo in a storm trooper uniform

Han Solo also says it to Luke Skywalker- which is a pretty big moment since Han doesn’t buy into the whole thing.

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid. – Han Solo, Star Wars: A New Hope

may the 4th meme with ben and luke

Fun fact: It’s said to have been used as May the Fourth be with you for the first time when Margaret Thatcher took office as the Prime Minister of England on May 4, 1979. Her political party placed an ad saying, “May the Fourth be with you, Maggie! Congratulations,” in support of her new role.

The OG May the 4th meme, y’all!

Okay, so now that May the 4th is clear: what about May the 5th? Why is this one called Revenge of the 5th?

Search your feelings. You will know it to be true.

Revenge of the 5th sounds an awful lot like Revenge of the SITH, right? You know, the 3rd movie in the Star Wars franchise-  Revenge of the Sith (2005).

Star Wars memes Revenge of the fitfh meme with Oprah open hands.

As always, there are people in the Star Wars fandom that don’t always agree.

Some argue that it should be May The 6th instead since it is a little closer to “Sith.”

Whichever day you celebrate, you really can’t go wrong when you embrace the Dark Side.

Oops… our bad. Letting our inner Sith come through!

May is the best, right? It’s now turned into a couple of days to celebrate all things Star Wars.

Star Wars Revenge of the Fifth Memes

Alright, here’s what you came for! The Star Wars memes are fun, but it’s all about the Revenge of the 5th memes now.

You know the history of Revenge of the 5th (Sith) now, so hopefully, you can drop a Revenge of the Fifth meme on someone’s timeline with confidence.

Let’s get to meme-ing!

revenge of the 5th memes star wars. The Mandalorian may the 4th and revenge of the fifth. This is the May
may the 4th memes dino
Revenge of the fifth meme: Star Wars. Darth Vader: May the 4th is no longer with you.
revenge of the 5th meme mace windu
star wars memes: revenge of the fifth Darth Vader
Drake meme: May the 4th be with you, revenge of the fifth meme.
Star Trek: Had enough star wars memes? Revenge of the 5th meme Palpatine

My Favorite of the Revenge of the Fifth Memes

And this one… I don’t know that there wasn’t a more perfect revenge of the 5th memes to find!

cat meme revenge of the fifth

More Memes You’ll Love

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