Review: Grand Touring In the New Mazda 6

As a travel agent and frequent Disney goer, I’ve learned some truths when it comes to visiting Walt Disney World.

I fully believe that time is money and while Disney World does a lot of things right, time-efficient transportation is not one of them. One of the truths I’ve learned as a person who doesn’t like to wait around is to go ahead and get a car while staying on property.

I know. GASP. But but but… that’s one of the perks of staying onsite! 

This is true.

You don’t HAVE to have a car as Disney offers many free transportation options, including Magical Express transportation from the airport to the resorts.

But it will get you to the magic must faster if you have a car like the Mazda 6 Grand Touring sedan to get you around. I drove this car for a week while on property and loved the convenience it provided.

And it was a pretty sweet ride, too!



This midsize sedan comes with Skyactiv technology: 184 horsepower 6-speed sport front-wheel drive. It has a little pick-up on the freeway!

A new feature for me was the active driving display: my speed was shown just above the steering wheel in the front window.

It had a keyless ignition, which I’m growing to love. You have to leave the fob in the car to start it, but you just push a button rather than turn a key.


This crystal clear display not only worked as GPS and radio options but was also the backup camera monitor.


This car was pretty nicely equipped.

My favorite features were the seats: leather tripped and 8-way power adjustable.

It was also spacious; the back seat comfortably fit three adults in comfort.




Nothing. I loved this car!

Okay, I guess that’s not true. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that I don’t OWN this one. And that at $34,000 (and only seating 5), it’s not in my budget anytime soon.

If that money tree sprouts in the backyard, the Mazda 6 Grand Touring sedan will be mine!


For now, I’ll just have to remember it as part of the magicI experienced during my latest Walt Disney World trip.

While I love taking Disney transportation such as the Monorail, when I needed to get from park to park quickly, the Mazda 6 got me there in style.


Thanks, Mazda and DriveShop, for loaning me this beautiful car during my recent Walt Disney World Resort trip. 

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