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Rock Star Mother Runner | Tuesdays On the Run

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Tuesdays On The RunThis week we want to hear about your running role models: who inspires you as a runner?

Do you love to watch a particular elite or do you have a favorite back of the packer? ?Is there a mom or dad with a special way of work/run life balance you envy? ?Maybe it’s your BRF (Best Runner Friend) who keeps you motivated through the miles?

Whoever it is, let us know!

We’d love to celebrate them along with you today on Tuesdays on the Run with April & Erika.

Rock Star Mother Runner

I’m not even sure where I’m going to start with this list! ?There are so many runners that I admire and for many different reasons.

In the runDisney blogging community alone I can rattle off many lovely people who rock the run: ?We Run Disney, Shiawase Life, HalfCrazyMama, and so many more.

DL 12.1

The front of the pack and the back of the pack, plus everyone in between make me proud to be part of this community.

But I’m going to focus on one of my besties today.

She inspires me because she does crazy things: like run 4 half marathons pregnant.

Meet DisBroad April.

I’ve run a half marathon pregnant- okay, I walked the entire thing minus maybe 2 minutes when I saw the potty stop up ahead and made a sprint to it!- and it SUCKED.

PHM 2011 Finishline

Sucked so much I thought I’d never run another half marathon again (it was my first- really, who DOES this?!).

So I give my fellow DisBroad April MAD props for making it through last year’s running season all kinds of knocked up.

The first race she was barely prego (didn’t even know it) and hit a massive PR. ?The second race was Wine & Dine and DisBroad Amy said she almost killed her with the pace.

April Peggy Sue

It appeared this whole running pregnant thing wasn’t going to be any big deal for our April!

Things finally started to slow down at the Tinker Bell, though. ?She began having some back issues and that darn baby loved to sit on her sciatica during a race.

I got to finish the Tinker Bell with April since sweetpea slowed her down enough to enter my finish time zone. ?While April wasn’t thrilled with the result, I sure was! ?It’s not often I get to complete a race with my DisBroads but this one was one of my favorite experiences since we stuck together from mile 8 to the finish.

DisBroads 11

April’s final prego race was her toughest. ?The Princess Half was a challenge for her to get through, and I saw her struggling on the course. ?Julie and I offered to slow down and finish with her, but she always waved us on and insisted we keep going.

But that girl was in PAIN from mile 3 on. ?Not baby pain, there’s no way she would have risked her extra passenger just for some bling! ?It was just the back issue she had already experienced flaring up spectacularly.

Buzz and Zurg

That girl finished strong, though, and recieved her pink coast to coast that year.

Well earned, my friend!

Mother runners are special people. ?We have to balance our work life & the mom life with our running. ?So do dads, don’t get me wrong, but… ?sometimes the baby making life that gets in the way. ?I loved how April didn’t let her stop her: she had goals and she wasn’t putting life on hold for 9 months to complete them.

She’s working her way back and it’s been fun to see her times improving each week.


DisBroads April, Wendy and Amy ran the Cooper River Bridge Run in March.

Oh and that baby?

I DIE of cuteness with every post. ?Isn’t Addi the cutest of the cute kids club?

April and addi

Do you have a running role model you want to talk about? ?I’d love to hear about them!?

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Sharing is caring!

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Pam and Christine

Friday 28th of August 2015

Catching up on my blog reading after 17 days away. Thanks for including us. Have a great time at Disneyland next weekend!

Jessica S

Wednesday 19th of August 2015

I cannot even imagine running one race pregnant much less four half marathons! Wow! You're right - totally rock star!

MCM Mama Runs

Tuesday 18th of August 2015

I'm so impressed with runners who ran while pregnant. I stopped as soon as I got that line (I was still active, just stopped running.) I kind of wish I could go back and keep running...

And I just want to squeeze the cheeks on that cutie!

April at RunTheGreatWideSomewhere

Tuesday 18th of August 2015

Yeah, I'm amazed by anyone who runs pregnant! And, yes April's baby is the cutest!


Tuesday 18th of August 2015

I love your story about your friend!! I can't even imagine running pregnant!! Kudos to your friend. She's a rockstar for sure!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.