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Tuesdays On The Run Hi there and welcome to the Tuesdays on the Run link-up! Your hosts April, Erika and I are thrilled that you stopped by!

Every week we focus on one aspect of running. Fellow bloggers share their posts by linking-up at the bottom so you can see many points of view on the same topic.

This week we are talking about speedwork.  All runners want to get faster- some a little, some a lot.  But how do we run faster?  In my case, I need to quit taking character pictures mid-race!  But for most runners, speedwork is the answer.

Just Run Faster
Alright, look, when it comes to speedwork I’ll be the first to admit I don’t do it.  Well, I do it but I do it so sporadically it’s probably not really helpful and shouldn’t even be called speedwork.

However, I know for a fact that when I put a little effort into specific speed drills (ladder drills on the treadmill are my go-to) that I see a difference in my overall pace.  A huge difference.


I’m going to share this fantastic article by Emily Faherty on Greatist.com

She shares 25 ways to run faster.  Her list includes a few speedwork suggestions that sound like they’d be easy to incorporate if you aren’t doing it already such as hills and tempo runs.

Some of the additional points I took from the list are to lose weight (check it- 2 seconds faster per pound lost? Heck yeah!) and to build a stronger core.

From Greatist.com

All these steps will allow you to just run faster.

Tweeeeet!  Time-out called on the field. 

I’m going to change course for just a minute.  Let’s talk about that phrase.

Just run faster.

I’ve seen it thrown around a few of the running social media sites and frankly it reeks of elitism and assholeness.

I know, I know, I swore.

But Shenanigans, this is a family blog!

It is, but it’s also my blog and sometimes I just gotta call people what they are.  If the A-hole fits and all that.

Exhibit A: The Peachtree Food Hoarders story my friend and fellow DisBroad Amy broke a couple of weeks ago.  If you missed it, be sure to read it here.  The post itself is mind-blowing but somewhere mid comments is where you find this gem:

run faster

[Tweet “You just gotta love it when Southerners use “bless your heart.” @momsmagicmiles”]

Well done, Amy.  Maybe I should add that to my A-hole remark.

Bless their hearts.  

Exhibit B:  This one comes from Instagram.

Dude WON the Rock ‘N Roll Chicago 1/2 Marathon.  He WON it, y’all.

rnr run faster

Apparently it doesn’t matter how fast you go, someone is always telling you to just run faster, eh?

Does this reek of jerkiness and a-holeness to anyone else?  Why can’t we all respect that our pace is our own business and move along (at your own pace, I might add!)

Am I being too sensitive?

Tweeet!  Alright… back to speedwork.  Game On!

So speedwork.

Do it.

It will make you a faster runner and possibly keep internet a-holes from telling you to just run faster.  Bless their hearts.

Tell me what you like to do for speedwork.  Are you an interval runner or a hill runner? What makes you faster?

Last week we talked about running while on vacation.   If you missed it, be sure to check it out!

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