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Hey there, running friends! It’s time to jump on board the Tuesdays on the Run link up and chat about our favorite topic: running.

This week we want to know about your best running advice. What nuggets of wisdom were you given that you can pass along to the rest of the class?

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Run Your Own Race

This and “Do YOU” are two of my favorite mantras when it comes to running.

I am not sure who first told me those things, but it was like a lightbulb going off in my brain and a weight taken off my shoulder when I realized how true these statements are. Pretty sure it was wisdom imparted by some vet in a Facebook running group.

So, thank you. It’s made this whole running journey so much more pleasant for me.

I get it- running and racing are competitions, sure. But for the vast majority of us, the competition should be against ourselves unless our names are Meb, Dezi, or Usain.


Mine’s Patty, so, yeah, I need to compete against myself. Which is where running my own race comes in.

It’s not even about time anymore for me. That’s a shift in my own race that has happened over the years.

I’m running my own race against the mental demons in my head that try to tell me to quit and throw doubt and guilt my way. As I ran more, I doubted more. And those doubts suck.

That’s my biggest competition and I know it’s a race I can and will win.

But those suckers show up every time I lace up the shoes and head out the door.


This is where the “do you” comes into play.

I can’t compare, I can’t try to be someone else. I can only be me. And the runner that I am looks very different than the runner beside me.

So I’ll just be over here doing what I do and not spend a moment worrying about how fast someone else is going or what brand shoes she has on or what that look on her face may mean.

I’ll just do me and run my own race.

You do you. And in the end, we will all cross that finish.

What’s the best advice or mantra that has resonated with you as a runner?

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