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2018 runDisney Star Wars Half Marathon Course Maps, Event Guide and Corrals!

It’s almost time to embrace the Dark Side! Does the Force call you? Here are the details you’ve been looking for, runners. 2018 runDisney Star Wars Half Marathon Course Maps, Event Guide and Corrals! 


2018 runDisney Star Wars Half Marathon Medals: Dark Side Half Marathon medal


2018 runDisney Star Wars Half Marathon Course Maps, Event Guide and Corrals!

First up: don’t forget what you are running for!

Check out the runDisney Star Wars Medals. These bad boys are gorgeous!


Star Wars Half Marathon Waivers

Here’s the link to the waivers you’ll need to pick up your bib at the runDisney Dark Side expo.



Star Wars Half Marathon Corrals

But you can check out the 2017 Star Wars Half Marathon corrals to get a general idea of where you might land!

Challenge Corrals


Half marathon corrals


Star Wars Half Marathon Transportation

This one is different guys.

No parking at Magic Kingdom to start. And no monorail access to the race start either.

Please note that there will be no parking at Magic Kingdom® Park for the Star Wars™ Dark Side 10K and the Star Wars™ Dark Side Half Marathon. Parking will be available at Epcot® and bus transportation will be provided from Epcot® to Magic Kingdom® Park.

Runners will be prohibited from accessing the start corrals from Floridian Way or Seven Seas Drive. Runners must access the start corrals through the parking lot in the Magic Kingdom® parking lot. Runners who try to access the start corrals from any other area are subject to disqualification. Runner dropoff will be available in the Charter Lot at Magic Kingdom® Park by the Transportation and Ticket Center off of Seven Seas Drive or the Charter Lot at Epcot®.

It looks like a 15-20 minute walk to the corrals, though, which is similar to the way the Epcot races are set up. Give yourself a lot of time!


Star Wars Dark Side Weekend Event Guide

You can check out all the details in the Star Wars Half Marathon Event Guide here.


star wars half marathon event guide 2018 cover


Star Wars Half Marathon Course Maps

Star Wars 5K Course Map

The Star Wars Dark Side 5K looks to be similar to the runDisney 5K course they have used for years.

I personally LOVE this course, so that’s a good thing in my book!


star wars dark side 5K map 2018


Star Wars 10K Course Map

Love that the Star Wars 10K course is a point to point.

It makes the race much more interesting in my opinion.


star wars dark side 10K course map 2018


Star Wars Half Marathon Course Map

Another vote for point to point with the Star Wars Half Marathon course.


Star Wars half marathon course 2018


Finishing the runDisney marathon through World Showcase was awesome: I’m thrilled to see that happening for this race!

Dark Side looks like it’s going to be a fun race as you essentially run the back half of the marathon course (minus the much hated Wide World of Sports section).

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