runDisney Star Wars Light Side Registration Rumors

Because Wednesday nights on Facebook are never dull… ha.

runDisney did this awesome hit and run Tweet at the end of business day on the East coast fueling Light Side registration rumors.

runDisney Star Wars Light Side Registration Rumors

And of course, #allthequestions and #allthetheories started flying on #allthesocialmedia.

Freakouts commenced.

What does this mean? What’s going on? Is the Dark Side in charge?

runDisney Star Wars Light Side Registration Rumors

Who knows?

What we know is that early registration for the Light Side weekend was supposed to go on sale tomorrow morning for AP and DVC members. And now it’s been postponed.

Was it put off because there’s a significant change in the air? Possibly.

Folks who were able to do early EARLY entry (2017 participants) shared that their Active registrations show a new name for the challenge: The Resistance Run.

I imagine this is how things at runDisney will look tomorrow morning  when the phones start ringing:

Here are some of the guesses, rumors, wishes, whatnot being discussed.

  • There will not be a Kessel Run Challange in 2018, which means the Dark Side race will go away altogether.
  • Dark Side goes away and becomes a more generic Villains theme in response to the survey sent out last year. Pixar came true, so maybe this one has some truth to it?
  • There will be a Dark Side, but it’s going to be renamed to reflect recent movies. Maybe the First Order Run?
  • runDisney is going to cancel all Star Wars themes and shift to more generic themes (like Walt Disney World Marathon weekend and Disneyland Half Weekend).
  • There are even rumors that distances will change. The strongest being that a ten-miler of some theme comes back (let it go- Tower of Terror is NOT happening due to expensive insurance for night races) or that the challenge becomes a 22.4-mile challenge medal to include the 5ks.
  • Or that a 5k/10k challenge comes to fruition.

So yeah, the rumors are running rampant.

With the races slowing down in popularity and not selling out as quickly, changes needed to be made. Just how big of a change remains to be seen.

So what do you think? What do you think might be coming?


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