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Running Movies That Move Me | Tuesdays on the Run

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Tuesdays On The RunFor Tuesdays on the Run, we thought we’d talk about something you do indoors.  No, not the treadmill.  Reading or watching movies.

How does this tie into running?  We’re betting you not only do the sport you love, but you actually enjoy the sport you love when it comes to entertainment.

Tell us about your favorite running themed movies or books this week.  What moves you to move?


Running Movies That Move Me

I’ve watched running movies ever since I was a little girl.  HBO opened my world to runners (thanks, Grandma!).

I couldn’t believe how fast a human body could move.  Still can’t.  But I particularly loved watching the underdog fight back and win with a strong kick!  (I think that’s the plot to just about every good running movie, isn’t it?)


Movies 5 running


Here they are, in no particular order, the running movies I love:




In which I also learned about Nike.

I still weep when…




he dies.  RIP, Pre.




I mean- the music, the drama, the Oscars, the Olympics:  it has it all.

Chariots of Fire:  flawless.


running brave


I had no idea… about any of this.

I am absolutely someone who grew up with white privilege and I think I first knew that fact after watching this movie.  It stuck with me.

Running Brave also starred Robby Benson, who’s Tiger Beat pictorials may or may not have lined my bedroom wall for years.



Watch Run, Fatboy, Run and NOT laugh your bootay off.  I dare you.

And also be a little bit inspired by this bloody-crazy-whackadoodle.

I do love me some Simon Pegg.


mc farland


AhhhhhhMc Farland, U.S.A.  Maybe my favorite?

I watched this movie on the Disney Dream with two of my BRF right after the Princess Half Marathon.  It came at just the right time with the right people beside me to really grab hold of my heart.

Plus it’s a really good movie.

The climactic ending and the heroics of one Danny Diaz inspired some of us race down the hallway of the ship.


I do not recommend this after running a 10K, a half, and two 5Ks inside of a week!

A notable absence from my list:  The Spirit of the Marathon.




I haven’t seen it yet.  Because I know if I do, I will HAVE to run the dang race.

So I’m saving it until I’m really feeling brave enough to embrace the challenge.

Are my favorites your favorites?  Tell me something else I should watch!

The Ultimate Guide to Watching Movies in Order

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Margie S

Friday 22nd of May 2015

Cool. I'm going to get a copy of the ones I haven't seen. I've seen Prefontaine and the Fat Boy. Ironically the two films are opposites, one dramatic and serious (though sad), and the other funny and entertaining.

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Friday 22nd of May 2015

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Wednesday 20th of May 2015

I agree with Cailyn! I liked Unbroken and the book was way better than the movie. I need to add Prefontaine to my Netflix. And I loved Spirit of the Matathon. Been there done that. :)

MCM Mama Runs

Tuesday 19th of May 2015

I need to check some of those out - I don't tend to watch movies, but maybe...

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