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Running on Vacation

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Running on vacation may not be for everyone, but it can be if you follow a few simple steps! Especially when your vacation includes fun resorts that are just asking to be explored. After a stay at Port Orleans French Quarter, I understood why so many runners love staying at this resort. Want to stay active on a vacation? I have 3 important steps for you. 


girl running in headphones


Running on Vacation: Where you Stay matters

runDisney Runners Love Port Orleans French Quarter- and I certainly fall into that camp. 

While this is technically a health and wellness post, you know I’m going to also talk about one of my favorite places to vacation: Walt Disney World.

Now really, did you expect anything less? Who’s NOT surprised this is my topic?

Alright, hands down, everyone.

We went to Walt Disney World for the Wine & Dine Half. We stayed a couple of extra days and I knew I wanted to get the legs moving again soon after the race.

We picked the Port Orleans French Quarter not only for its charm but for it’s running paths!




Here are my 3 tips for running on vacation. They really can be applied to any vacation location you choose.


Running on Vacation Tip 1: Locate it

I heard such wonderful things about this resort from the running community. 

It’s one of the smallest and most beautiful properties at Disney World. 

Walking to its sister resort, Port Orleans Riverside, took less than 10 minutes and was very convenient.

I knew by picking this resort I’d be sure to have a lovely location for my extra runs.


Port Orleans French Quarter Bridge over the river


Running on Vacation 2: Schedule it

My vote here is to make it a priority. 

My vacation runs are the most relaxing and stress-free ones I experience! 

I choose to start my morning off with a few miles, which puts me in the right mindset for the rest of the day.

When I’m done, I feel like the day is already a success and even a child’s meltdown on Dumbo (oh yes, it happened!) can’t ruin my good mood!


Yup- she was TERRIFIED of the Dumbo ride.


Running on Vacation Tip 3: Just Do it

As the saying goes, just do it! Don’t let anyone tell you not to run if that’s what makes you happy.

Get out and enjoy your new surroundings. 

I love wandering around the resorts looking for new and magical surprises.


Port Orleans French Quarter pool


If you think Port Orleans French Quarter is the resort for you, let’s chat!

We can make your runDisney or general vacation dreams come true at No-Guilt Travel. Shoot me an email at!



Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.