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It’s the end of September (can you believe it?!) so it’s time to wrap things up.

Let us know how your September running went!

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Running in September

I can finally say it: this was a good running month!


I looked at the calendar early enough to discover that, well, that half marathon was coming on faster than I thought.

It was enough to get my booty out the door and on some runs.

I even ran when I was on vacation in Jamaica!



I stuck to the treadmill because I wasn’t sure I trusted myself outside of the resort not to get lost.

Annnnnddd… it was stupid humid even at 6 am and you know I’m not about that life.

Jamaica humidity is on the ridiculous level, yo! But I got those 5 miles in like a boss and felt pretty good about the all you can drink aspect of the all-inclusive resort afterward.

But the pool was sure pretty that early and I made good use of it after the run.



Gratuitous beauty shot right there. As seen on (well, before) my run…

I am not as far into the mileage as the training plan asks me to be, sorry, Mr. Galloway.

But I feel comfortable where I am with the amount of time I have left.

You know my goals: run the race and not hate every step. That’s pretty much it.

I feel like I’m on a good path for that to happen; just got to keep going with those long runs through a busy September.

Let’s do this!

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