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Welcome to Tuesdays on the run! This is the weekly link up where we share a topic and you share your thoughts on it. This week we want to know what you learned about running in 2016.

The good, the bad, and the ugly!

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16 Ways to Make Running Through December Fun

I’m going off topic again this week. I think my head is a little too full of thoughts to give real purpose to this week’s topic. I may be in a better place next week. At least, I hope I am! 

So now it’s December.

What does that mean?  It means a lot of things to a lot of people.

This year, I know some people feel like this:



I’m oh-so-ready for Rogue One to happen!

But that’s a little off-topic.

December generally means that life gets busy and schedules get whacked and out of control.  I know mine is a huge crazy mess from December 1 until the kids get out of school. Then there are two weeks where I literally lose track of time.

It’s a great month, but a busy one.

If you are like me, you might take a running break over this month.  Ahhhh, not on purpose, of course!  No no no… never ever on purpose.

But it ends up happening and then January comes around and you have a half marathon scheduled… and you are basically screwed.

This has happened to me for the past four years it seems.  It’s not just me, is it?  Please say it’s not just me!

With December coming in, I thought this was a good time to get some things in line with the hopes that history will not repeat itself.

  1. Create a holiday playlist for your runs.  Song suggestions could include:running playlist holiday holiday workout: ways to keep you running through December
  2. Try a new Gu.  Mocha, Chocolate or Salted Caramel are my winter faves.  Make your taste buds happy during a long run.
  3. Forge a new running path through a neighborhood filled with Christmas lights.
  4. Schedule your runs on your calendar.  DO it.  Now.  Or with the busy of the season you might forget to run.  It’s it’s in the planner, I’ll get it done.  If it’s not?  Um… yeah… see my point above about things getting out of control.
    holiday workout: ways to keep you running through December
  5. Shop.  Or give your specific list to your family and let them know that receiving a running gift early is TOTALLY ok.  If it is new, you will want to try it out.  If you try it out, that means you’ll run.  See where I’m going here?
  6. Traveling?  Check Map My Run for routes around your destination city and add it to your calendar.  Get to know a new place by taking a run around the new town.   Traveling runners also ask for directions and courses from locals, hotel concierge, or maybe follow a tourist map.  Some swear by the randomness of discovery: just run and see what you find.  Sounds like fun to me!
  7. Sign up for a Christmas themed race- and dress up!  There’s nothing like a Ho-Ho-Ho-larious 5K with a couple hundred of your closest friends, right?  Singing (and carrying JT) is completely optional.
    Jingle Jungle 2
  8. Start a new tradition.  Watch Mc Farland USA every December.  We just watched it as a family and it’s one of my favorite running movies ever.  It’s a feel good movie that shows you don’t need fancy things, you just need heart in this sport.  Though some natural talent is sure nice!But then again: Danny DIAZZZZZ!Danny Diaz moment
  9. Focus on maintaining rather than improving this month.  Sometimes it really IS just about getting out there and getting the miles in.  If you also happen to pull off some great times?  Bonus.
  10. Kids home for school break?  Not a problem:  they aren’t excuses, they are now your running partners!
  11. Try a running streak.
    streakingOr not.  I’m in the not category, but that’s because I think I’d take it too far.  I’d do dumb things like skipping church to run just. because. I’m. streaking.  When I get focused on something, I’m kinda like a pit bull and I forget that it’s REALLY OK to let go.  But if it keeps you motivated, then it might be worth it!
  12. I think I’d run so that I can wear this shirt.
    holiday workout: ways to keep you running through December gingerbread running shirt Or this one.
  13. Meal plan.  If there is ever a month to do it, this is IT.  A meal plan will help keep you on schedule and in line for the month.  It will also *possibly* help you say no to some of the temptations that pop up if you already know what you plan to eat for the day.
  14. Add a holiday cross training workout to your plans.  Let’s face it, you’ll be begging to run after you are stuck doing a few burpees!
    holiday workout: ways to keep you running through December
  15. If you don’t fall off the wagon, you won’t have to climb back up onto it!
  16. Celebrate with a post run gingerbread smoothie.

Now go out there and CRUSH those December running goals!

Do you have any tips to share that will keep us running through this busy month? 

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