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Running Universal Discount Code & Medal Reveal

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Can you believe that the inaugural Running Universal Orlando event is just around the corner? And it is shaping up to be an EPIC event! Registration is closing soon, but it’s not too late to score a Running Universal discount code for the Epic Character Race 5K and 10K weekend. Here’s the latest news that you’ll need if you plan on running through the themeparks of Universal Orlando this year. 


All The Running Universal Details So Far

If there’s anything I love more than running through a theme park, I haven’t found it just yet. There’s something special about racing past lands and coasters and dressing in costumes that makes me incredibly happy!

We’re starting to get all the details for this new race weekend and I’m getting hyped.

I’m running the 5K and covering the weekend as media. I’ll be there getting all the details and sharing on social media @noguiltlife and recapping the event with posts as well here on

Before you go, you might want to check out these movies to watch before your Universal Orlando vacation

diagon alley fire breathing dragon

Want to talk about the Running Universal races? Join us in the Running Universal Facebook Group!

When are the races at Universal Orlando?

  • February 1 (5K) and February 2 (10K)
  • Each race starts at 6:15 am 

Running Universal Course Maps

The course maps for the Running Universal 5K and 10K are here  and they look FANTASTIC.

How Much Do The Running Universal Race Bibs Cost?

  • 5K bibs are $82
  • 10K bibs are $121

But right now there’s a discount code to help save a little money on your Universal Orlando race weekend!

Running Universal Orlando Globe

Running Universal Discount Code

If you’re registering last minute like I am (guilty!) you don’t want to wait any longer!

The race registration will close on January 29, but if you register now through January 20 you can save a little bit of money on the 2020 Running Universal race weekend. 

They’ve released a discount code that you can use on any full-price registration. 

Use UNIRUN2020 and save $9. 

You can register here

Running Universal Epic Character Race Weekend Medals Revealed

Runners have many reasons to lace up and toe the line, but a lot of us like running for the bling. 

And these fun medals are going to make a heck of an impact on your wall of running fame! 

5K-10K-Medals-Revealed-for-Running-Universals-Epic-Character Running-Universal Orlando

I have to laugh at Shrek being chased by an Autobot, but hey, it’s Universal Orlando! This could actually happen.

The 3D medals will be silver for the 5K runners and gold for the 10K racers. 

Epic Character Details

While we still don’t have a race map, we do know what characters we can hope to meet on the run. 

And that’s really what this is all about!

  • Illumination’s Minions
  • Jurassic World characters
  • DreamWorks Animation’s Shrek characters
  • Transformers
  • and more! 

Doc Brown Universal Orlando

I don’t know if Doc will be on the course, but I’ll try to get up to 88 miles per hour if he is! (I kid, I kid- I’m more like 4.5 miles per hour these days ha!) 

Are you Running Universal this year? I hope so- it’s not too late to join in on the fun! 

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.