Saying Yes to Buying LuLaRoe

If you are like me, you have at least a friend or 20 selling something online. The at home businesses are offering many moms the chance to branch out and earn some money. LuLaRoe, Jamberry, BeachBody, and the list goes on and on.

I love to support my friends who do this, and hey, I sell Jamberry myself! But I will admit when it came to the leggings and all the party invites for these crazy prints, I kept saying ugh, no thank you. I’m not a fashion blogger by any stretch, and I wasn’t in the market to buy more clothes at this point in my life.

Until- you guessed it- I broke down and tried them.

While the leggings are still not my jam, I did go down the rabbit hole with the shirts and dresses.


The Irma is my fave! I wear an XL in most regular shirts, but you can size down a bit in these shirts. This is a medium.

I’m a convert. These shirts are so soft and comfortable, with the perfect length and style for all sizes- even a plus size mom like me.

My supplier, er, friend, Rosie is to blame for the additions to my wardrobe. She sent me the leggings and my first shirts to try out, and now I’m sporting the LuLaRoe whenever I can!

I even wore it during a recent blogger conference I attended and felt both comfortable and beautiful in the outfits.


The Amelia dress- it has pockets!

I invited Rosie to guest post today and tell you a little more about the products she offers.

If you’ve ever been curious but didn’t want to be dumped into a Facebook group without permission, then read on! No one will add you to groups, and no one will follow you around social media begging you to buy the leggings. But you may find your interest peaked after hearing what she offers.


Saying Yes to Buying LuLaRoe

By Rosie Arias

Have you heard of LuLaRoe? Its a relatively new company which sells mostly women’s clothes through a direct selling approach.  Think of Mary Kay but with clothes where each print is a limited edition, in fact, they only make about 3,000 items per print that are produced.  Ok great, limited quantities sound awesome but really what is this all about and why are so many women turning to this company to buy their clothes?

Well simply its the factor of where fashion meets comfort, the styles and prints are in line with fashion trends and provide unique prints. There is something for everyone which I love!!!  The clothing comes in many different styles to fit all kinds of body types with sizes ranging from 00-22 in women. They carry shirts, skirts, and dresses all of which work together and are very versatile, just check out Pinterest for all the amazing ways women wear these clothes.  But more than that its made with comfortable material which will not have you screaming for pjs after a long day at work. There are plenty of days when I will lounge around after work in my work clothes cause I am so comfy, I am creating bad habits of not changing after work when I really should go put on some leggings.

But you can’t talk about their clothes without talking about the famous leggings.  The soft, stretchy, warm can’t wait to wear them leggings; which of course come in tons of fabulous prints.  But even the vast array of solid colors they offer provide the potential for creating new outfits with clothes already in your closet or are perfect to mix and match with any of the great shirts LuLaRoe offers.

For one of the best parts of LuLaRoe is having clothes to share with my youngest daughter.  They have a robust line of kids clothes, dresses, leggings, shirts, skirts, etc.  and some times they have the same pattern in the kid’s clothes as they do for adults.  My daughter and I have some outfits that match whether its leggings of the same color, or same pattern different color, or my skirt and her shirt; it’s always fun to go out with a little matching outfit on.
Thanks, Rosie!
You know I’m not a fashionista, but I love these products!
If you are interested in doing a little shopping, head over to Rosie’s group on Facebook. She sets up sales whenever she has new inventory come in- maybe you’ll find something that speaks to you as well!
LuLaRoe: not just leggings! Skirts, shirts and dresses inclusive sizing. Great options for travel clothing since they don't wrinkle easily! Fashion | Active wear |
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  1. You did look awesome in that fabulous dress – and it seemed effortless!

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