Senses Spa and Salon on the Disney Dream | Review

You can’t sell Disney cruises if you don’t GO on a Disney cruise. And you can’t advise cruisers on amenities if you don’t try them all, amirite? That’s why I made sure to visit the Senses Spa and Salon while I was on the Disney Dream.

I did this for YOU, people!

What can I say? I take my job very seriously.

Senses Spa and Salon on the Disney Dream
Here’s how I see it: I can tell you anything you need to know about Walt Disney World.

Ditto for Disneyland. Heck, I probably know Disneyland a little better truth be told thanks to living close enough to drive for a few years.

And you know runDisney is my forte: I’ve been to races on both coasts and can help plan your perfect racecation.

It’s not bragging to say that I’ve got a pretty comprehensive background as far as Disney knowledge is concerned.

This year I’m making sure to beef up my Disney Cruise Line experience. I have been on the high seas with Disney before, but I feel like there’s so much more that needs to be experienced. So I have a cruise already planned (squee!) and another I’m eyeing (c’mon, tax return!).

And you can bet your sweet booty I’m returning to Senses.

Senses Spa and Salon on the Disney Dream

On my last cruise, we hit up Senses Spa and Salon right away. I was traveling with some friends, one of which happened to be Diane, the Disney Parks Moms Panel Cruise Line expert. If you ever get a chance to cruise with an expert like Diane, DO IT.

She knew there would be an open house in the afternoon on embarkation day.  At this open house, not only were we encouraged to check out the spa & fitness center rooms and the offerings (including a fully equipped Fitness Center), but we had the opportunity to win some incredible prizes.

Senses Spa and Salon on the Disney Dream

Treadmills, elliptical, weight machines and personal trainers are available for your use.

The door prizes included free massages, free facials, and other amazing spa offerings.

We didn’t win, but we sure were impressed by the amount and size of the prizes that were offered!

At the open house, they had some Embarkation Day specials.  I took advantage of the offerings and booked a massage/facial/moisturizing special for that day.


Senses Spa Rainforest Room Is So Worth It

I also booked a 4-day pass to the Rainforest Room. This little refuge was my absolute favorite splurge on the cruise!

You can pay for one day at a time or a pass for the length of your cruise.  The Rainforest Room consists of 4 showers (different temperatures, different water flows) and 3 different saunas/steam rooms. Sound magical?

It is.

To make things even better- once you relax and unwind in the showers (it’s co-ed, so bathing suits are required) you can head to the next area of pampering: private hot tubs on an enclosed deck. The hot tubs hold two people and overlook the front corner of the ship.

You may finish off your stay by lounging on the heated tiled lounge chairs. Do not miss the lounge chairs.

Photo credit: Disney Parks Blog

Photo credit: Disney Parks Blog

If you aren’t sure the spa is for you, I’d highly suggest giving it a shot. Visit the open house and at the least buy the Rainforest Room pass.

It’s a nice get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy ship.


Senses Spa Castaway Cay Cabana Massage

My spa research didn’t end there. If I was going to be comprehensive, I had to do this right.



My cruise mates all agreed: a massage on Castaway Cay was required!

I can’t say enough about Castaway Cay.

It was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.  The water was sparkling blue, the sand white and soft, and the sun was just right. Some cruises actually make two stops on Castaway Cay: can I just say, #CruiseGoals?

We experienced a perfect Castaway Cay day.


After an early morning run and a few hours napping on the beach (with a visit by Captain Jack Sparrow!) the cabanas were calling our names.

Senses Spa offers private massage services located in beachside cabanas. Couples cabanas are also available.

You check in near the adult beach, Serenity Bay, and the spa Cast Members will escort you to your cabana.

Senses Spa and Salon on the Disney Dream and why you should indulge on your next Disney Cruise Line vacation! Review Castaway Cay

I enjoyed a practically perfect Swedish massage.

The time flew by as I listened to the waves crash on the beach through the open window.

My masseuse, Irene, was a dream!  She adjusted the pressure when I asked and shared just the right amount of chatter.

There were adults on the beach in front of my cabana but I honestly didn’t hear much coming through the window.

Pure bliss.

The menu of services at Senses Spa & Salon includes facials, body wraps, aromatherapy, manicures, pedicures, hair styling and more.  There’s sure to be a form of pampering that speaks to you while onboard.

Do you enjoy visiting the spa when on vacation? What services do you love the most?


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