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Shenanigans Runs A Whole Mile: Brag

Don’t you hate it when runners get all braggy about their accomplishments?  Especially when you are like- oh, you are going to brag about THAT Really?  That’s your brag?

Too bad.  Cause I’m gonna brag on myself.  Ha.  It’s a small one (even I realize that) but it had me really excited and smiley all day.  Plus I hope by sharing my accomplishments (small or large) that other struggling runners can see that it’s not always about being fast or going long, but sometimes it’s the small milestones that matter.  Baby steps lead to great big beautiful tomorrows with shiny bling and true bragging rights.

Yesterday I got up early, laced up my shoes, keyed up my C25K app and hit the road.  I thought I was in for 2 x’s 8 min running with a 5 min walk break in between.

Fellow Flowers Natl Running Day

Yeah.  No.  Apparently I skipped ahead somewhere and I am actually at the point where C25K thinks I am ready to run for 2 miles straight.  In 20 minutes.

Pardon me while I catch my breath from laughter… bahahaha2 miles in 20 minutes!  I wish.  I haven’t done THAT in years.   Once upon a time in a mom body with at least 1 less kid birthed from it, that was the “norm.”  But finding that groove again has been a struggle.  Scratch that.  Struggle?  No, impossible right now.  I gotta be honest.  That’s not even on my radar.  I’m hoping to get sub 13 minute miles back as my “norm” for now.  That’s right, I’m shooting for sub 13.

When I realized that was on the schedule I had a few options.  Scroll back to the appropriate place in the program.  Set my normal intervals up (run 1 min walk 30 seconds).  Or just go for it and see what happened.

Since it was National Running Day and I was a bit giddy from all the runner love happening, I went for it.  My goal is to run a 5K straight without walk breaks.  I won’t make that goal without turning off my brain and just running, right?

The first few steps were painful.  Some of it was mental stress- oh my word, I’m actually going to RUN 2 miles straight?!  Yep.  I was in my own head and already making bargains with myself.

Some of it was physically painful.  I’m dealing with moderate pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis.  It’s been lingering since right before the Princess Half weekend and flaired up pretty badly lately.   The crazy thing is, the more I run on it, the better it feels.  So after the first 2-3 minutes of running, I don’t notice it anymore.  And the next day it doesn’t bother me as much. Today— it’s a slight nagging but NOT pain like it was yesterday.  No idea if this is normal or what, but I am working on a plan to recover from this sooner rather than later.  (More to come on that of course!)

My inner dialogue went on.

Just make it around the corner and then we can re-asses. 

Okay, that wasn’t too bad, don’t look at the watch. 

You looked at the Garmin Dammit Shenanigans!

Oh – looky there- it’s over 4 minutes of running and you aren’t dying?  In fact, you know, this feels ok. 

Wait, this feels really good and you are moving a bit faster now.  Whattttt???

Around .70 of a mile I checked the Garmin and felt great!  My mile goal was not far off (yes, I had scaled it back to running 1 mile straight to start!) AND I was moving much faster than I expected.  I was on track for a sub 12 minute mile.  As soon as I realized that, I instantly felt l like I had to slow down.  Was this self preservation because I don’t want to get hurt (worse than I already am?)  or was it a mental freakout that held me back?  Probably both.

I rounded the last stretch and stopped the Garmin when it hit a mile.  Huzzah!  Not only did I run a full mile without walking (first time since 2011, y’all!) but I did it in a faster time than I expected.  And didn’t die.


Side note:  My buddy April from Run the Great Wide Somewhere and I are starting a link-up party every Tuesday on running topics: Tuesdays On The Run.  If that’s your jam, we hope you’ll stop by and read some running inspired blogs every week.  Link-ups only work when other blogs participate, sooooo… consider yourself invited!  If you write a running blog (or just have a running post you want to share!) please join in the link up!  It will be live every Tuesday morning for you to add your new post or old post link.  Here’s all the details you need to know.

I’d love to hear your brag today!  Running related or not, what’s something you are proud of?  Small, big, or super big… share away!


  • Erika Whitney says:

    I ran a (horribly hot and hilly) half (wow, alliteration) this weekend and, too my surprise when I lined up near the back of the pack at the start line, there was a 2:45 pacer, which is only a few minutes faster than my best time. (In my experience, most pacers don’t go “that slowly”.)

    Since my running pace is actually faster than that (but averages slower with my 1:1 walk breaks, natch), I decided to see what it was like to run with him for a little bit. Normally I have no ability to moderate my own pace, and even with him there as a visual reminder to slow the heck down, I had a hard time keeping the brakes on. However…I actually kept with him for almost 2 and a half miles before I decided to move ahead (although he passed me eventually and then I never saw him again, wah-wah…it was not a PR kind of day).

    I haven’t run that far without intervals in almost a year, I was so shocked that I could do it! So I know exactly how you feel, and I think we both deserve a bit of a brag (but I know most of my [non-running] friends and family would not understand why I felt something so short was brag-worthy).

    • patty says:

      YAHOOO! That’s awesome! And isn’t it crazy that we have to slow ourselves down like that? My run portion of my intervals is around 10 min miles, but my walks are waaaayyy slower than average so it ends up bringing me to the 14 min range. It’s one reason I’m working on extending my ability to run more in bigger chunks. I think I’ll still Galloway but I hope to stretch the run portions out to allow some additional speed. OR something like that. lol

      WTG on 2.5 miles straight run! WOW! I’m super impressed and glad you bragged today! 🙂

  • Stacey B says:

    Congrats I am starting week 3 of c25k!!! no mile yet!!! lol!!!
    Stacey B recently posted…End of the School Year MomMy Profile

  • Hooray for doing it and not dying!!! Some days, that is the best we can hope for. 🙂 Keep kicking butt and Hook ’em Horns!
    @Disney_Bride / recently posted…Ultras, Challenges, and Halfs, Oh My!!! plus a giveaway winnerMy Profile

  • CONGRATS! That is a great feeling and definitely something you can brag about – personal milestone! 🙂
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  • Awesome job on the straight mile! I’ll always have Galloway intervals in my toolkit, but I love having the ability to run without them too.
    April at RunTheGreatWideSomewhere recently posted…Friday Five: This Summer I Will…My Profile

  • Jennifer says:

    Congrats on your mile! That really is a big accomplishment for us run/walkers. And that self-preservation that forced you to slow down at the end…….I blame it on Mommy Brain. If I push harder to meet a goal, and end up not being able to walk tomorrow and get the kids up and off to school and the laundry done and dinner cooked because I can’t stand/bend knee/put pressure on ankle….then i’m no good to anyone. Realistically I know that’s not likely to happen, and if it did, i’m pretty sure my family could manage for a day or 2 for mom to recover (hopefully it isn’t really bad and mom ends up on crutches….cause that WOULD be the end of the world)…….but it’s hard to put those fears of injury aside. I have a REALLY over-active sense of self preservation!!

  • Juliana says:

    this is huge! it actually inspired me to do a little experiment this morning-run 1 mile straight, walk for a minute and then do 1 mile in intervals. I was surprised how easy it was to run 1 mile straight (and did it in about 10:10) however there is no way I could sustain that pace for more than another mile or so and no way it would work with 10ks or halfs (especially with water and food breaks). I would definitely slow down.

    My second mile was about the same pace but I felt much better when it was over (I did 2:30 running and 30 seconds walking). Also part of my running segments were faster than my straight mile segment meaning I may play with my intervals more but we will see. I definitely will stick with intervals but glad to know I could do it. so thanks for the inspiration!

  • Christi in MA says:

    if your C25K app is like mine week 5 is CRAZY and where the program jumps too far too fast
    W5Day1 = run 5, walk 3 three times
    W5Day2 = run 8 walk 5 twice
    W5Day3 = run 20 minutes

  • brittney says:

    brag away! accomplishing something new is always exciting; earlier this year i ran the first non-stop mile of my life and texted everybody i knew about it. overkill? probably. worth it? definitely. somehow telling people about the progress we’ve made makes it seem so much more real and exciting. you’ll be at two miles again before you know it!
    brittney recently posted…thirteen to 13.1: featured friday #1My Profile

  • Great job!! You can run brag all you want! I hope your PF gets better soon – take good care of those feet!

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