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3 Reasons Why You’ll Want To Shop Wish Cricket

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When you find an outfit that you love and that fits well, you want to live in it! Or at least buy one of every color, amirite? We recently tried the offerings from Wish Cricket, a small business clothing line that offers perfect outfits for your Disney theme park visits, including those runDisney races! Here are 3 reasons why you’ll want to shop Wish Cricket!


Wish Cricket Beauty and the Beast rose capris in yellow with Belle.


Can we just talk about pants for a second?

I?m extremely picky when it comes to what I run in. Like ? I find something that I like ? and I buy it in every color, because a girl’s gotta have options, right!?

Well, when I saw the preview of the Wish Cricket pants I about lost it.

So cute.


Disney? Princess? I was so so so excited.

THEN I found out that I was going to get to try them out and I was the happiest girl ever. Full disclosure: our friend Jane is the owner and creator of Wish Cricket and we?love her. She sent over the capris for both Patty & I to try as a review #fortheblog.

But we might love her new Disney inspired clothing line just a little bit more (sorry, Jane, but it’s true! These rock!).


Reasons Why You’ll Want To Shop Wish Cricket

wish cricket logo

1. Supporting Small Business Women Is Awesome

As much as we love Amazon and all it has to offer when you can shop small, we highly encourage you to do so! And Wish Cricket is a small women’s focused business that just opened shop this year.

Jane is a New Yorker turned Floridian who also runs, eats, and sleeps Disney. She’s learning to be a Marvel nerd by watching the Marvel Avengers movies in order, and you can count on her to find a Storm Trooper if there’s one in the area.

She also has a passion and background in fashion, so starting her own athletic wear based company was something she planned on for a while. And 2018 was the year the plan went into motion!

Meet Wish Cricket.




2. Wish Cricket Capris: Cute, Soft & Have Pockets!

Guys, I have been LIVING in these pants.

My favorite are the Minnie Mouse ones. Mostly because they?re pink. And bows. But I toss these on with a black tank and wear them at least once a week. My girls love them too.

Patty hung out at Disneyland in these capris and reports that the pockets were perfect for everything! And of course, they make for a cute castle pic too!


Wish Cricket Minnie Mouse Capris in front of Disneyland castle


The other three designs I love equally as much. Bubbles for Ariel, Lamps for Jasmine, and Roses for Belle. The rose ones are the favorite with my kiddos, and I tend to grab those ones first when I go out running at 5 am and want to be extra bright.

Not only are these pants adorable ? but they?re practical.

The fabric is extremely soft, but not like legging buttery soft? they have just the right amount of compression while still being comfortable to lounge around in.




The fabric is also thick. Now, I haven?t had the chance to wear these babies outside in the middle of a Texas summer, and I have a feeling they may be just a *touch* too thick for a 105-degree day? but the thickness of the fabric is a godsend when I go to bend over to pick something up. We do not have a see-through-situation to worry about. Glorious.

And if you are spending a day out in the parks wearing these pants, you will appreciate that as well. You know it gets sweaty in Florida year-round and a sweaty booty is nothing anyone needs to see!


Wish Cricket Life is the Bubbles Capris

Life is the Bubbles in Wish Cricket capris!


The waistband is wide, which is obviously extremely important. Especially for those of us who have birthed a baby or two.

All of the seams are well sewn, I?ve worn each pair of these pants on numerous occasions, and they?ve been washed (and line dried) a ton? not a single loose thread.

But let?s not forget about the most important detail ? POCKETS. There are two large pockets on the outside of each pant leg.


wish cricket capris with huge pockets! perfect workout/running capris


Big enough for my monster iPhone, Galloway timer, gels, and whatever else I decide to haul with me on a run. The pocket is loose enough for me to get my phone in and out easily (even with that pesky pop-socket on the back) but tight enough to hold everything into place so I don?t have an annoying bounce.

I cannot say enough good things about these pants.


3. Super Cute Custom Disney Shirts at Wish Cricket

Wish Cricket is more than just cute capris! They also offer adorable, high-quality Disney shirts for all your park days. Even though Jane is located in Florida, her heart lives with the #tinycastle in Disneyland, so you can bet she will cover you coast to coast!

If you are heading to Disneyland, you MUST get the When Can We Do This Again? shirt. Patty wore it while watching the Paint the Night Parade and had cast members stop and ask where she got it! They loved it on the west coast.

Jane has a few more options over there you don’t want to miss. Check out Figment! SO stinking cute.


when can we do this again patty at Disney California Adventure Paint the Night Parade


Are you a fan of shopping for Disney shirts??You definitely want to check out this post as well- there are some super cute ones over on!

Head over to save 20% from now through Sunday @ midnight using code: PRINCESSHALF


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Becky @ Disney in your Day

Thursday 28th of June 2018

These are super cute, and I love capris!

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