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Show Your Disney Side: the App

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Yesterday I spent a little more time than I want to admit taking selfies.? But it was for a very good reason!

I was showing my #DisneySide.

The regular readers are saying, “Well, of course you were.? It was Thursday.”

True, true.? I pretty much let that Mickey Eared flag fly every day that ends in Y.

But this was something new:? I found out that Disney Parks released a new “Show Your Disney Side” App.

First of all, it’s FREE.? So go ahead and download that baby HERE.

disneyside app

Once you download it, the instructions are super simple.

Pick your favorite character.

Stand against a blank wall and snap a selfie.? Smile, but try not to show too much teeth!

Then you can customize your pictures with different frames or costumes.

disneyside app 2

This app also offers video!

If you touch or swipe the picture you can see your new character move.

I saved a picture of me as Jafar.? I think I laughed out loud for at least 10 minutes over this one- good thing the kids were in school or they might have worried mom finally crossed to the crazy level of #DisneySide!

A video posted by Patty Holliday (@noguiltlife) on


When the kids got home I enlisted their cute faces for a few pictures.

Claire loved the Pirates of the Caribbean option.


She also decided to channel her evil fairy.

I don’t know, green may be her color?? That face!


Not to be outdone, Seth, ever the clown, had a little fun with his facial expressions.


He’s also my most adventurous and insisted he needed to be Elsa at least once in his life.


Not really an Elsa expression, eh?? He cracks me up.

This is one of those silly apps that can give your kids hours of fun.

Ha- Kids.? Well, maybe (just maybe!) moms like me as well.

Sing it with me:

Do you wanna show your #DisneySide?

Come on let’s go and play!

disneyside app 1


Have you downloaded the app yet?? Which pictures were your favorite?

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.