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Six Tips for Traveling to Disney World with Toddlers

If you’re a parent and planning a Walt Disney World vacation with your toddler, this is the post for you. I’m a been there, done that mom when it comes to Disney with kids at all ages, but taking toddlers to Disney World is my favorite. If you follow these tips, that is! Here are my six tips for traveling to Disney World with Toddlers (and a bonus tip before you go!)


We’ve been to Disney World with our family at all ages. My daughter Claire was 6-weeks-old on her first trip! Taking young children to Disney does come with some, shall we say, special challenges. This post is going to give you some tips to traveling to Disney World with toddlers as learned when we visited with our then 3-year-old, Lucy.

We spent a week at Walt Disney World with our little one, #OhLucy when she was just under the age of 3. Here’s what I learned about traveling with a toddler to Disney World:

Don’t do it.

Just kidding. It wasn’t horrible, but despite being a Been-There-Done-That mom, she surprised me this trip. We travel a lot, especially recently with the move. Lots of hours in the car preparing for the move to Arizona. The kids were pretty much rock stars.  And we’ve taken multiple trips to Disneyland and to northern California to visit family.

I thought I had this traveling to Disney World with toddlers thing all figured out.

I thought wrong.


Six Tips for Traveling to Walt Disney World with Toddlers


That’s the “fun” thing about kids this age.  Just when you think you know what makes them tick BAM they change the rules on you.  Take #OhLucy for example.  Our daily conversations go like this.

Me:  Do you want some milk with breakfast?

#OhLucy: Nooooooo…. I don’t waaaaannnnttt milllllkkkkk.

Me:  Okay. (put milk down, start to walk away)

#OhLucy: Yeeeeeeesssss…. I waaaaaannnnttt milllllkkkkkk!!!

Oh, Lucy.


Six Tips for Traveling to Disney World with Toddlers


Six Tips for Traveling to Walt Disney World with Toddlers | Family Travel | Travel Tips | Disney with Kids


1.  Flying with a Toddler

I recommend traveling with car seats on flights. If you want your travels to Disney World with toddlers to go off without a hitch, start here.

Yes, they are a pain to haul through the airport, and no, you don’t “need” it when you land at Orlando’s International Airport if you are using Disney’s Magical Express.

But on the plane, it can be a lifesaver. Literally- your child is safer in one!

But in addition to safety, toddlers like familiarity and being in her car seat was completely normal for Lucy. We got on, strapped in, and soon after takeoff, she fell asleep, much like she does in the car.

Since she was safe in her car seat, I was able to use the restroom as needed or take my quick nap without worry.

Where did I fail?

It was NOT just like the car. The air pressure, going up up and up, and the speed: all added up to unfamiliar territory this trip.

My daughter has flown many times before, but not recently.

I think it’s been a good 8-9 months since her last flight. Kids change a lot in such a small time.

She was much more aware of what was going on this trip, and it freaked her out! I had her movie and her pacifier ready to go for the take-off, but I made the mistake of leaving her window open.

As soon as she caught sight of the world rushing by her on the take-off, she started yelling.  Loudly.

“Get me down get me down get me doooowwnnnn!!!”

Closing the window and talking to her about Ariel and Sebastian thankfully was a quick fix for us. But she panicked and so did I! I was not expecting that one.


Six Tips for Traveling to Walt Disney World with Toddlers

2.  Naps. Don’t skip them

For the love of Mickey, please please don’t skip naps when you travel to Disney World with toddlers. If your child still naps at home, make sure they have the opportunity to nap while on vacation.

We made the decision a few days to power through nap time. Rookie move.

#OhLucy was alright one minute and a hot flaming mess the next.

While the distractions and rides allowed her to be a little more flexible with us,  it soon became apparent that we were ALL better people if we made a trip back to the hotel for a swim and nap mid day.

Big Thunder Mountain WILL be there for you when you go back, I promise!


3.  Packing Snacks at Disney World for a Toddler

Do NOT be afraid to bring them or use them when you travel to Disney World with toddlers.

Walt Disney World allows you to bring snacks and drinks into the parks. Load up! While waiting in line or even walking across the park to use your next Fast Pass, your little one will appreciate the snacks.

While waiting in line or even walking across the park to use your next Fast Pass, your little one will appreciate the snacks.

I learned this tip from Moms Panel Jennifer: Walmart will deliver a package of goodies to your resort for you.

Spend $50 or more, and you can get free shipping. You need to place your order 7-10 days before arrival (I think I ordered about two weeks in advance) and put your resorts physical address for shipping.

We loved having bottled water, juice boxes, fruit pouches, goldfish crackers, and granola bars ready to take with us to the park every day.

And, of course, everything is better with a $4 rice krispy treat shaped like Mickey.


Six Tips for Traveling to Walt Disney World with Toddlers


4.  Be Flexible at Disney World With Toddlers

Seriously: be this. But you probably already know that from living with a toddler. Going to Disney World with toddlers is no different- just more magical. We hope. Ha.

They are mysterious and strange creatures that change their minds often! I learned a lot about my daughter this trip (which will probably ALL change by the next trip!)

One thing being that she does NOT like Dumbo or Dumbo-like rides (the Flying Carpets, Triceratops Spin, Astro Orbiter, etc. ).

I tried to take her on all of them with varying degrees of success. We finally decided it wasn’t worth trying to reason with her that she usually loves Dumbo (favorite ride at Disneyland but apparently a horrible ride at WDW— whaaaaa???) and just let it gooooo, let it goooooo….!


5.  Don’t be afraid to split up 

My older kids and husband wanted to ride Maelstrom, but it had a bit of a wait.

#OhLucy was way past the ability to wait in line for a ride at this point, so I took her to find something she would enjoy.

Everyone was happy, and we didn’t subject other park-goers to 35 minutes of a toddler not wanting to stand in line.

We hit up some characters.

We met Duffy the Bear for the first time.  After a bit of a rocky beginning, she warmed up to him, thanks to a patient and willing Duffy!

We then headed to Mexico and found Donald at his usual spot.  She loved meeting him and held his hand for a while.

By the way- happy birthday, Donald!  80 years-old and he still quacks me up.


Six Tips for Traveling to Walt Disney World with Toddlers

6.  Use Rider Switch At Disney World with Toddlers

This is my absolute favorite thing about taking a toddler to Walt Disney World: score EXTRA FastPasses without having to pay for them. Let me explain.

This might go along with the tip in #5, but it’s a special way of splitting up.

If your child is too small to ride an attraction (Soarin’, for example) but the rest of the family wants to have a go, don’t skip it!

Walk up to the Cast Member at the front of the line and ask for a Rider Switch Fast Pass.

This little gem makes bringing the toddler to the parks completely worth it.

How it works:  The whole family walks up to the ride and obtains the Rider Switch ticket.

One adult goes on the ride while the other adult stays close by with the too-short to ride child.

After the first adult exits, the second adult can then ride, along with 2 other people.

BAM- extra Fast Passes.

The Fast Pass does not have a time expiration date (in other words, you don’t have to ride immediately!).

This Fast Pass was obtained on May 22 and did not expire until May 31.


Six Tips for Traveling to Walt Disney World with Toddlers


We Rider Switched all over the World.

My older kids were especially thankful when we rode the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train 5 times thanks to a combination of Fast Pass+ and Rider Switch.

As Maui says, You’re Welcome!


Bonus Tips for Traveling to Disney World with Toddlers

Prepare in advance of your trip! You and they will have a much better time if they actually know some of the characters they are seeing or the story behind the rides you are on.

My friend put together a fabulous Printable Disney Movie Marathon List that will help you guys prepare for the big trip. Check it out and have a great time putting in your “homework” for this trip!


Best parks for Disney World with toddlers

All the parks have options for the young kiddos, but some are going to offer a bigger variety of options.

I’d say you can’t go wrong by taking toddlers to Magic Kingdom. That should be your first and most frequent stop. Most of the rides are perfect for the preschool kid!


cinderella castle fountain at disney world with toddlers


Hollywood Studios has some fun shows if your toddler can sit through them. And Animal Kingdom is basically the biggest and most awesome zoo ever!

My toddlers were also not impressed with Epcot as a whole. There weren’t a lot of rides to hold their attention, so we relied on character stops at this park for entertainment. You can also visit the Kidcot stations at each country, but honestly, I didn’t want to spend time coloring at Disney World.


What are your tips and tricks for traveling to Disney World with toddlers? Do you have any suggestions that I missed?


Be sure to get some fun pictures when you visit Disney World with toddlers. Here are some of my favorite photo spots!

Everything You Need To Know About Instagram Disney Walls




  • Great tips, Patty. My kiddos are now past the toddler phase but I feel like some of these things can apply to any age (and hey, maybe me at some points too. I always need a snack). My boys like to dress alike (they are 9 and 5 so sometimes it’s challenging) but I do like putting them in similar outfits just in case one of them wanders. It hasn’t happened but it’s a fear of mine. They both also have Road IDs with our cell numbers on them. 🙂

    • patty says:

      Yes- I used to do this too. When my boys were young I put them in matching shirts or at least same colors so I could pick them out in the crowd. I also take a picture of everyone first thing in the morning JUST IN CASE they separate later. I can pull the phone out and say “This is what they are wearing!” Road IDs- brilliant. I hadn’t thought of that one!

  • Jennifer says:

    Thank you for sharing this info. Seriously, THANK YOU! With the registration for Princess and Tink coming up we are deep in the “Do we take the baby / leave her home / skip it this year” conversations. This advice will go a long way to helping sort it all out.

    Happy Birthday to your Lucy!

    • patty says:

      Lucy says thank you! 😉 It sounds crazy but some of my favorite trips to Disney have been without the kids! I know, I know, they will read this later and be offended. But the magic in their eyes is so worth the hassle. The first night I took Lucy to Ariel and she gave her the biggest hug ever! So precious. Good luck on whatever you decide!

  • Yay! Thanks for this. We took Oscar at 3 when Cal was a newborn but this year will be the first time with a 5 and 3 year old with very different wishes and dreams. Love the tip about combining FP+ with rider swap. Smart move.

    • patty says:

      Yes! I wasn’t sure you could double dip like that, but it worked like a charm! Since we had FP+ set up, we ended up with the rider switch for 3 people plus my unused FP… meant I could take all 3 older kids onto each ride with me! Be sure to use your little ones to your advantage! And have a GREAT trip!

  • Tania says:

    Thanks for the tips. I’ve got two toddlers going this week! I’ll let you know how it goes 😉

    • patty says:

      Make sure you get my girl Addison on Space Mountain east coast and let me know how she likes it! May the Force be with you, T. You’re gonna need it.

  • Jen says:

    I’ve got nothing but respect. I’ve worked in preschools with two and three year olds and I’ve seen enough meltdowns at Disneyland to understand the challenge! She’s your youngest, right? So at least this stage will pass. Next time you won’t be able to tear her away from Dumbo.

    • patty says:

      Oh Bless you for working with the littles! I love pre-k teachers!

      Yes, she’s the youngest. Smooth sailing from here on out! Errr… I hope. Disneyland was pretty easy with her, I got cocky going back to WDW. Just a lot more heat, a lot more travel back and forth to the hotel, meant a lot more volatility. Next trip she will be a dream!

  • Megan says:

    I had no idea that you could have items shipped directly to your resort! What an awesome tip and something that I will make sure to do when we finally visit Disney with our 5 kids (including one toddler!). Thanks so much!!

    • patty says:

      Me either! It was fantastic. We had a big box and a case of water waiting for us at check in. I had the bell services deliver to my room later because I couldn’t push a stroller and carry the boxes at the same time (Mr. Shenanigans was coming later). It ran really smoothly!

  • tara pittman says:

    Great tips! I am like her on the plane too, I want to scream get me down too but I just pray. I will remember to have Walmart deliver snacks next time we Disney.

  • We went to Disney last year with 4 kids…one of which was just 3 years old too. She did great considering the heat, the walking, the over-stimulation! For us, the one big thing we did was (like you said) BE FLEXIBLE and it worked out really well for us!

    • patty says:

      Our last big trip to WDW happened with Seth at 3. But he was a totally different kiddo than Lucy! Fun for sure- but just different experiences. Flexibility was the word all week long!

  • Kungphoo says:

    That is a good list.. we usually split up because our kids do not like the same things..

    • patty says:

      I heard so many people in line trying to stay together. I think splitting up can work too- just know where you are meeting after the ride!

  • We just got back from Disney too! However, we skipped the main theme parks and did Typhoon Lagoon and Disney Quest. Our little guy is 18 months, and I was REALLY worried about how he would handle a day at a theme park. Thanks for these tips!

  • Grace says:

    Great tips. That switch pass is pretty cool. Great things to keep in mind next time we go

  • Danielle says:

    Great tips sounds like you all had a great time. I use to make lots of long car rides with my son when I was int he Coast Guard he was a trooper since we had been making trips almost weekly since he was a baby.
    Danielle recently posted…Time to Train Day 15 of 100My Profile

  • Rider switch = best.idea.ever. Seriously! Great tips here Patty – I may need to reference them again someday!!

  • I like Disney… it’s too sad we don’t have one in Romania… we can go to France or US though…

  • Darlene Carbajal says:

    I would love to share these tips with my sister. She wants to take my niece to Disneyland and I know these tips will help her.

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