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Spring is just around the corner: is your PR there too?

This week on Tuesdays on the Run we are talking about our Spring race calendars. Whatcha got going on? Let us know what you are training for and where you will be running the next couple of months!

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Calendar of topics for March:

  • March 7 – how do you create your race schedule
  • March 14 – Talk to us about St. Patrick’s day – do you have traditions, a favorite race, a costume you’ll be wearing?
  • Mar 21 – Sell us on your favorite local race. What do you love about it and why should we come run with you?
  • Mar 28 – Rate your month (and tell us if you want to keep this topic)

Spring Races

First- a small apology. For the first time since we started Tuesdays on the Run I missed a link up.

I was traveling, it was my birthday, there may have been celebrating, and well- it just didn’t happen!

On to this week!

My Spring is a do-over with very little racing on the agenda.

I plan to start Couch to 5K today.


So, yeah, a literal running do-over.

After a DNS of my last half because I injured myself on the 10K the day before, I decided it was time to just start from the beginning.

It wasn’t a huge deal (I’m fine) and I DNS on the side of extreme caution. My semi-recurring ITB issue started showing it’s signs early on in the 10K and I made a call. You know, the one that pops up whenever I’m undertrained? Yep. That one.

I knew pushing the miles for a half, even a slow one, would result in aggravating it more and 6-weeks in PT was not what I wanted to accomplish for this race. So I slept in and had all the regrets, even though I knew in my heart it was the right thing to do.  Running does that to you!

Side note: I think that also counts as my Princess weekend recap?

The quick and dirty details on the 10K: We ran until mile 2 when I knew I was hurting myself and walked the rest of the way. Fitting that we toured Epcot like tourists- since we were costuming as Disney VIP Tour Guides.

A friend that will walk with you is a friend indeed! Thanks, Julie!

And that’s how I ended up with the decision to do C25K. It’s a gradual walk to run program that is perfect for my current state of running fitness.

So here I go!

As far as Spring races, I only have one on the calendar and that’s in April.

It’s a 5K, so it might line up with this C25K program perfectly. If it does, it will be the perfect comeback to running.  I haven’t done a calendar because looking too far ahead never seems to work for me.

One day at a time, my friends!

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