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It’s finally here: Star Wars Dark Side weekend and that means it’s time to discuss costumes. The Disneyland costumes have been impressive, and I have big hopes that the East coast won’t disappoint.  Going coast to coast for the Kessel Run means double the opportunity to get a little nerdy.

I’m signed up to run all three races, and as long as my flight lands on time (c’mon, Delta!) and traffic runs smoothly, I’ll pick up my 5K bib up right before the expo closes.

The Force needs to be with me on Thursday.

Star Wars 5K

Due to travel plans changing a few times, the 5K wasn’t even a sure thing.  This costume became my last minute addition. I’ve never run in anything like this before and, yes, a test run in imminent.

My inspiration came from the famous SNL skit, Under Cover Boss: Starkiller Base.  If you haven’t seen it yet, please watch it so you’ll not think I’m totally bonkers when you scroll down to the costume.


Hilarious, right?

I think we will see a few Matt’s out there on the courses this weekend.  I hope to find one for a picture at the 5K.

I wanted to come up with something along the lines of “Run faster- I haven’t had my muffin, Matt!”  But couldn’t think of a creative way to pull it off.  So I went with my 2nd favorite moment from the skit.

After the Rain Star Wars costume

Star Wars After the Rain card costume

after the rain comes the rainbow kylo ren

It is a simple foam board and poster board creation.  I printed the images from Ensign Designs at Walgreens. Then I played cut and paste to put it all together.

I attached the oversized card to an apron with strong stick velcro.  It seems to be hanging on there pretty tightly. I should be able to walk or run hands-free as needed, but the card is light enough to hold if that becomes necessary.

Since it does not encompass my body at all, it should pass the costume rules test.

Star Wars 10K

I’m embracing the Stormtrooper look for the rest of the weekend.

I wanted to be a little more girlie, though, on the 10K costume.  I guess my foray into tutu running brought out the princess side in me.

I’m calling this Princess Storm Trooper.  She may or may not have a crown included when it’s all over. I’ll make that a Disney Parks purchase decision.

Pink Stormtrooper running costume

stormtrooper mask visor running costume

The mask will be attached to the top of the visor.  I hope this makes it through security as I have no intention of running with it on my face, but when I tilt my head down, it should create the illusion of wearing the mask. I know a few people used this method with the Light Side races so here’s hoping!

Half Marathon

No big reveal here: I’m reusing my Light Side half costume.  Coast to Coast for the Starbucks Trooper.

sw starbucks

Since this race is most likely going to be hot, I knew I wanted a runner friendly option for 13.1 miles.  This one fit the bill.  Plus I love it.

Bonus: I believe we run by the Starbucks in Epcot. I am not sure where the course takes us in Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios, but I’ll be on the lookout for a photo stop for sure.

See you on the Dark Side!


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