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Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend- The Day After

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There was a lot of excitement around the social media sites yesterday with the announcement of the Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend.? Excitement is an understatement.? There were heated opinions and discussions as well.

I was actually surprised at the different point of views that came out.? Let me explain what I saw from you guys on the internet.

sum up

YESSSSSSS! This IS the race I was looking for!? Overwhelmingly, this was the biggest response.? People reported that they would start running for the very first time thanks to runDisney offering a Star Wars race.? This makes me happy.? Really happy.? I was that person back in 2011 who ran my first half marathon thanks to the Princess Half.?? It changed my life, even though I hated pretty much every step of that race, ha ha. I hope some first time runDisney participants don’t miss out on registration next week.? Yes.? NEXT WEEK.? Which brings up point number 2…

Timing. ?This subject was a hot topic.? Personally, I moaned because I would NOT have signed up for Marathon Weekend if I knew (for sure!)? this race was coming.? For me, the lure of a Disneyland race in January trumps running anywhere else in the world.? I loved Tink weekend very much, as you know.? Replacing it with Star Wars?? Oh. Em. Gee.? YES a thousand times YES.? See point 1- this IS the race I was looking for.? But in the grand scheme of things, I am an adult and make my choices.? I can’t yell at runDisney for this.? Though can I ask them to please be considerate of runners in the future and maybe announce races with a bit more lead time?? Please and thank you, runDisney.

rundisney take my money
Registration is NEXT WEEK, y’all!? Annual Passholders can start registering on June 4 at 9am PDT.? The general public will be able to register on June 10.? That’s not a lot of time for people who need to save up $195 for a half marathon or $320 for the #RebelChallenge.? Multiply that by, say, 5 for my family— and we are talking some serious cash!? Oh, and did I mention I just got back from spending a ton of money at Walt Disney World?? Yeah, my Disney Visa will be smoking after next week!? Ouch.

But, but, but… why not Walt Disney World?? Why Disneyland? Many people thought the Star Wars Weekends in WDW would be a perfect fit for a runDisney race.? They are confused about the location and even the time of year for this race.? This one I think Disney got right.? I love WDW but I hate running in the heat.? And I just got back from Orlando: it’s hot, y’all.? Reeeaaallll hot.? You don’t want to race a half or even a 10K in that if there’s another option.

Tinker Bell.? The black sheep of the runDisney family.? In the past, social media complained loudly that Tink was overshadowed by Marathon weekend.? And then we all cried out in pain and horror when Tinker Bell was moved to May.? No one wanted it.? Okay, I didn’t want it.? I know there’s many moms and women who embraced the change and are in love with a Mother’s Day race idea.? And with time, I don’t hate it as much as I once did.? Now that Star Wars is taking over the old Tinker Bell weekend slot, some Tink runners are pretty put out.? All over again.

Tinker On

Star Wars?? Pffftttt… who cares? ?Yes, can you believe it?? Some people ACTUALLY don’t care about Star Wars!? What the What?!? That’s fine: more race slots for those of us who DO care.? But I don’t understand this concept.?? It just doesn’t compute.? Why do you hate on Star Wars? I get hating Jar Jar- cause he’s annoying and stupid.? But how can you resist the classic story of good vs bad? In space?!? With amazing costume opportunities, this just can’t be a bad idea for a race!


What are your thoughts on the new race weekend?? Are you in love with the idea of running with the Wookiee?? Will you be signing up next week for the inaugural Star Wars race weekend?

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David Geddings

Thursday 29th of May 2014

This was a great post, thanks for speaking for the rest of us. RunDisney has about squeezed me out of their races on timing, reveal, and most importantly pricing. I too have been awaiting this race. I am from the east coast, and have a 10 day trip now planned for the west coast in August for the DIsneyland Half, which now precludes me from running the race I have wanted for years, in Star Wars! I am about to put something on my blog, and point others to this post, to share the knowledge. Thanks so much!

Lauren @ Lauren's Glass Slipper

Thursday 29th of May 2014

Even though it is more expensive for me to go to Disneyland, I am thrilled about this race weekend! I can't wait to do it in 2016!!


Thursday 29th of May 2014

I am really psyched about this race, BUT I just really REALLY wish it wasn't the week after WDW Marathon weekend. I had been planning on doing Goofy 2015 since I crossed the finish line of my first half (Princess 2012) and I can't defer that race. I just want to do this race sooooooooooo bad! I know waiting until 2016 (if that's even feasible) will kill me when I read about every one doing it the inaugural year! RunDisney is trying to kill me.


Wednesday 28th of May 2014

I'm super stoked about this. Like, ridiculously excited, squealed like I did when I was a tween and BSB or NSYNC came on the television. The timing for financial planning is a bit rough, but I am determined to run this race! I was planning on Coast to Coast next year with Tinker Bell, but, Star Wars. Wookiees. Ewoks. I have to do this race. I was born to do a Disney Star Wars race. :)


Wednesday 28th of May 2014

Love this post! I was going to do something similar on my blog today. You beat me to it. So, I just linked everyone to this post in my blog instead. I hope that was okay.

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