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Way Too Real Stimulus Memes Worth At Least $600

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Congratulations, America! You’ve spent 10 months in the middle of a pandemic with record job loss and financial challenges. Your government is putting together a package including a whopping $600 to help you out. Yeah, $600. That’s not a typo. The big winners, however, are the makers of the memes. Here are the way too real $600 stimulus memes to finish out 2020.

2nd stimulus memes

$600 Coming In The 2nd Round Stimulus – And The Memes Are Glorious

And by glorious, I mean sad and dark.

Because the US Government seems even more out of touch than ever with their $600 “stimulus” to help citizens through the pandemic.

While that means the US citizenry loses– again- at least the memes coming out of this are giving us a little something to laugh about.

By the way, the President just signed the bill- meaning this is happening.

Enjoy these stimulus memes while you wait for the $600 coming your way! (ps- don’t spend it all in one place!).

1940s $600 Stimulus Memes

Way Too Real Stimulus Memes Worth At Least $600

Alright, here we go.

No definite timeline on when we can expect the $600 stimulus checks to arrive, but keep an eye out for those direct deposits!

pizza hut 600 stimulus checks meme
1890 600 dollar stimulus memes
jelly of the month stimulus meme
aol cd stimulus meme
friendships stimulus memes
chuck e cheese stimulus meme
house hunters stimulus memes

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