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Sum It Up Sunday

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Today we celebrate our littlest of littles.? Happy Birthday on this Sum It Up Sunday to #OhLucy!? She turns three- which means my Disney vacations just got a lot more expensive.? Why yes, I do couch things in Disney Dollars.? Doesn’t everyone?

In my experience the terrible twos don’t have anything on the torturous threes.? This next year might be the toughest yet as our little blonde spitfire has been especially feisty from the get go!? Check in with me in 365 days and I’ll let you know if I like her again.

Kidding… kidding… how can you NOT like this adorable face?

Luke and LuC25K
I got back on track with the C25K program this week.? Apparently I moved myself ahead a few weeks and had some surprises!? We are finally at the make it happen portion of the program, as in,? RUN, girl, RUN!? I’m not complaining- this was the whole point of starting the program again.? I’m happy to report that I ran a full mile this week without stopping to walk.? Huzzah!? I bragged a bit about that accomplishment here in case you missed it.

This week I’m rounding out with a total of 12 miles and I feel GREAT.? For those keeping track, um, that’s about 12 miles more than last week.? Yeah- I needed to get back in the game.? The secret here:? get out early.? I’m actually a pretty early riser and laugh that I’m still on Texas time most mornings.? My problem is actually getting out of the house that early.? I tend to roll over in bed, grab the phone, do the social media thing, check in on the blog, and BAM… it’s 9am somehow.? And in Arizona, 9am is WAY too late to be out running.? At least for this chick.

This morning I did the usual wake up and grab the phone thing but checked the weather app first.? 68 degrees.? Yup.? That is too cool to waste.? I got up and out and managed to put in 4.5 miles (walking) this morning before it got too hot.? Naps are good.? Naps are reaaaalll good.

Round 1 is over- and I won!? I thought it might be “easy” to do since the first couple of weeks in any concerted weight loss effort usually brings me decent drops.? This didn’t really happen.? It was much harder than I thought- and I credit my Walt Disney World vacation for this win.?? Seriously.? We probably covered 50 plus miles in our 7 days on property.? When I’m walking and riding and having fun, I actually don’t eat as much either.? Less food plus more movement = weight loss.? Duh.? Maybe I need to go to Disney every month?? My body says yes, my bank account says… no, just, no.

Winnings Rd 1After subtracting what I paid in to play the games, I ended up making a little over $65- which is close to matching what I paid in.?? Or in other words- I got paid $7.22 per pound I lost.? I know I won’t always win, and won’t always win that much, but it’s still a fun way to make losing weight interesting!? I rolled most of my winnings over into new games to keep the momentum going.? There’s still time to join us!? Check out the Big Game here and the Small Game here.

Gift Card Giveaway
You don’t want to miss this one!? A few friends from the Run Blog Society are hosting a $100 gift card giveaway.? Be sure to join in & meet some new running bloggers!


Last Monday I moaned and groaned about how I am not a fan of having my kids home for the summer.? Yeah, I know. ? But I started making some plans and have some hope that I can pull off a great summer with the kids.? We sat down and made a list of things they would like to do.? I added in my own list.? We had a meeting of the minds and I think we found some winners.? I forgot about some local options: low cost movies I bought tickets for already, library events, and my parents swimming pool.? Camp Grandmas?? Yes please!

Claire participated in a cheer camp at the high school this week and we went ahead and signed her up for the next week as well.? She loved it.? I see a new activity coming on!? Cheer Mom?? Can you see ME in that roll?? Oh lawdy… this is going to be fun.

ClaireTuesdays On The Run
Starting on Tuesday I’m hosting a running related blog link up.? If you are a running blogger- or have a running related blog post you’d like to share- be sure to come by Tuesday and link up with us!? If you are a lover of running blogs, I hope you’ll stop by and read a few great posts to inspire or encourage you in your running journey!? April, from Run the Great Wide Somewhere, will be my co-host and we can’t wait to see this link up grow.? See y’all on Tuesday!

National Running Day was this week.? I’d love to hear your favorite place to run!? Are you a trail person, a beach person, a racer, or do you look for the hills?

Disclosure: I am working with Diet Bet and will receive compensation for hosting the games.

Sharing is caring!

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Lauren @ Lauren's Glass Slipper

Tuesday 10th of June 2014

Great job on your Diet Bet!! And I hear ya about summer running. Even though I am sidelined right now, I still feel your pain. It's HOT out there! Definitely take advantage of those 68 degree mornings :0)

April at RunTheGreatWideSomewhere

Sunday 8th of June 2014

Congrats on winning the diet bet! I do lots of walking at Disney, but we really enjoy the cupcakes, Mickey ears, candy and eating out while we're there so it tends to cancel out the extra activity for me! Happy birthday to #OhLucy, I find that the three's are more challenging than the two's also (says the mom with a wild and crazy 3 1/2 year old #OhEli).


Sunday 8th of June 2014

She is seriously keeping us on our toes!


Sunday 8th of June 2014

My favorite place to run has multiple answers.

Just to run would be back in my hometown because I had a 5K loop I did with some big hills and it was so rewarding after I conconquered it the first time (running the entire route).

Favorite race to run is the peachtree road race in atlanta on the Fourth of July. It is a 10K and has the greatest crowd support. Everything from a preacher tossing holy water at you to people tossing you beers to the patients at the Shepard center (disabled people) cheering you on. That is amazing having so much crowd support. I am going back for my 9th this year.


Sunday 8th of June 2014

My Atlanta friends LOVE the Peechtree! If it wasn't so darn hot I'd go run it with them (if I got in!) But man, the temps in GA during July... I'm a wuss. But a GREAT race for sure!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.