Sum It Up Sunday

This sum it up Sunday is short and bittersweet:  moving day.


I don’t do well with goodbyes.  In fact, I avoid them after a lifetime of saying them.  We moved for my father’s career every 2-4 years and then I became a military wife.  I’ve said goodbye a lot.
You’d think I’d be an expert after so much repetition.  Yet, I suck at it.  But here’s a bit of what’s on my mind this morning.
To the preschool that I’ve loved so very much  for the past 8 years: thank you for caring for and shaping my babies into the Jesus loving little people they are.
To my neighbors: sorry about the dogs but thanks for your patience. The street will probably be a lot quieter without the Shenanigans children running around!
To the elementary school and all the teachers:  y’all are awesome.  Mostly.  We only had one teacher we didn’t care for in 6 years- that’s a pretty good record for 3 kids!  I was not exactly upset when school was cancelled on Friday as this allowed me to skip the sadness of withdrawing my kids in person.  Ps- I left you a voicemail.
To the coaches and scout leaders we leave behind: I wish you many goals, touchdowns, and merit badges.  And some stiff margaritas since you deal with the parents as well as the kids!
To the future preschool, neighbors, elementary school, coaches and scout leaders: You have big shoes to fill.
See y’all in Arizona.  Do they say y’all in Arizona?

Patty Holliday

Patty is a 40-ish mother of four living in Virginia. A bit geeky, sometimes sarcastic, lover of a candid confession. She's trying to love running, she swears. But much like her marathon, it’s taking a very long time. Ahem. She's searching for the perfect way to balance family, work, travel, and fitness. Perfect defined as high on fun, low on guilt.

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