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Summer Scenes From My Run | Tuesdays on the Run

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TOTR 2 small 300Summer runnin’, had me a blast…

Summer running, happened (not so) fast…

Today’s topic for Tuesdays on the Run is scenes from my run: the summer edition.

Show us what you saw while out there getting your summertime miles done!

Races, training runs, even a walk with the fam counts.

Let us know what you saw on the road and link up today with??Erika,?Marcia and me for this week?s Tuesdays on the Run.


Summer Scenes From My Run


I confess: my runs have been few and far between.

This summer was just a bit hectic with kids being home, traveling, and the heat. It kept me inside and pretty much not running: because lazy summer days.

And then when I did start running again, I swear the universe was telling me no, girl, noooooo.

First, I got up early, took this great runrise pic, got about a mile from the house…


and had to go back. Had to go back NOW NOW NOW.

You know what I’m talking about. Not a bathroom, porta-potty, or even non-stickery bushes in site. Trust me, I was looking.

It was awful.

But I got that pic, and made it home, so alls well that ends sorta well, right?

After that lovely run, I decided to stick close by for a couple of days.

To the treadmill and Outlander!


This didn’t suck too much.

I got caught up on my shows, finished more miles than I planned, and the treadmill still loves me.

Let’s hear it for AC!

Sooooo, Saturday rolls around and I decide it’s time for a long run. I was shooting for 4 miles, so I woke up stupid early to run before the sun.

This meant I started running when it was about 87 degrees out and finished somewhere in the 90s. All before 7am.

Arizona, man. It’s tough!

The run started off great until I got distracted by omg look at all the baaaayybbeee?bunnies! Sooooo adorable—

And then I tripped, yelled MO-FOOOOO really loudly, and landing on all fours HARD- and managed an epic tuck and roll off the sidewalk.


The view I got from my back.

I couldn’t move for a couple of minutes. And, yes, I stopped the Garmin.

When I got up I looked for the darn cause of the trip: found it. Uneven sidewalk. I wanted to kick it, but figured I’d just break a toe like that.


After this I tested all body parts, things seemed to be working ok, and I moved on with my run.

I stopped looking at the bunnies. Because I didn’t need to go down again. Once is enough, thank you!

But I did stop for this:

runrise 2

And even though my leg was bleeding pretty nicely there by the end, I managed to finish up my 2 miles.

So yeah. Seen on my runs this summer: blood, bunnies, sunrises, and some Scottish eye candy.

I think that sums it all up.

ETA: Here you go. Because really, this is so much more pretty to look at then my busted up knee. ha!

jamie 1


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Sharing is caring!

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Monday 1st of August 2016

Beautiful sunrise pictures!


Tuesday 26th of July 2016

Ouchies! I hope that fall didn't bang you up too hard! sorry to hear!


Wednesday 27th of July 2016

I'm surviving. Thank you!


Tuesday 26th of July 2016

Hope you are on the mend from your fall -- that really stinks. Bunnies would have distracted me too. I too would like to see a pic of the Scottish eye candy - please!!! It has been hot here in NJ. I am still venturing out in the heat to get in some miles here and there. My husband thinks I am nuts -I actually love running in the summer. The heat does not bother me too much. Plus it just seems a little easier - no guessing how many layers to put on so I am not cold but also not too hot. I know I am going to be a big sweaty mess!!


Wednesday 27th of July 2016

Added a pic for you! LOL

You are nuts. HA! But I guess it's better than the snow?

Jessica S

Tuesday 26th of July 2016

In that kind of heat, I'd never set foot outside! Yikes! The treadmill and Outlander sounds like a much better option. :)


Wednesday 27th of July 2016

It really is this time of year. But I miss being outside so I try to get those early mornings to happen here and there.

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