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Super Bowl Monday Musings

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The Super Bowl is still going on while I’m writing this. And it’s a nail biter. Holy cow.

But I’m not here to talk about touchdowns and turnovers and penalties.

Let’s talk about the halftime show.

GAGA, y’all.

She killed it.

I just shared this fun nugget this morning on Facebook. All the halftime shows since the beginning of Super Bowl.

Kinda crazy to see the evolution of things, right?

I had to wonder what we’d see from Lady Gaga this year. I was thinking it might be way too weird, way too political, way too Gaga.


It WAS way too Gaga… but it was the parts of Gaga that I think people looking for controversy forget are very much her as well.

It was powerful. It was showstopping. It was live. It was AH-MAZING. It was the best halftime show I’ve ever seen.



A photo posted by xoxo, Joanne (@ladygaga) on


Think about how smart and wonderful she is. She had this mega-moment, an international stage all to herself where she could have made it about a lot of things in relation to our country. Lord knows there is plenty to talk about right now.

But she made it mostly about her fans, about having fun, about her music and what’s she’s been doing all along. She was just Gaga. Being Gaga. Entertaining us.

Were there nods and moments? Yes. But many of us probably missed it. I wasn’t aware that This Land is Your Land is a protest anthem. Guess I was born a generation too late. So there was that.

And Born This Way, of course, with it’s powerful lyrics. It was just enough, I think.

In case you also missed it, this is what happened. You can watch the full performance?here too.

Bottom line: she’s a smart lady. She didn’t alienate her audience- in fact, she probably got a few more admirers after that HOT performance. So maybe when she does go all out political: more people will listen.

Lady Gaga: thank you, from a grateful sports fan. We’ve been hurting lately and for one Sunday night in February we had a chance to put things aside and just be entertained. We wanted to enjoy ourselves. We wanted to come together (to root against the Patriots- did I say that out loud?). And we did.



Sharing is caring!

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Monday 6th of February 2017

totally agree that she killed the show

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