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My summer plans inspired by Disneyland’s Summer of Heroes. Coming soon! Photo: Leslie Harvey w/

My Superhero Summer

So Disneyland is doing a thing that I’m super excited about. They are calling this summer the Summer of Heroes and offering a few new experiences at Disney California Park.

A friend shared a post on her Facebook page that started my brain thinking. She’s great with themes and with deep thinking and I love that about her.

Her FB premise was that this summer she was going to #HeroUp and make fitness & running a priority in anticipation of the Disneyland Half. Brilliant.

The light bulb literally went off and I was thinking: yes, I can do this too.

Why can’t I be my own superhero this summer? Why can’t I make this summer about focusing on my strength and my health, and in turn, my running? 

And with Global Running Day happening tomorrow, well, this is perfect timing to get back into running.

Because I’ve been playing the victim in this story for long enough. I’ve been in a funk and in a blah place regarding running for months.

Years, maybe.

Way too long- however long it’s been.

This summer I’m going to be my own Superhero. I’ve got a Thor cape and everything, so you know, I’m already halfway there.

During the past couple of years of Arizona living, I’ve spent a lot of the summer inside complaining that it’s too hot to run.

Because honestly? It WAS too hot.

As much as I enjoyed the low humidity when it came to running in Arizona, it was still 89 degrees at 4 am in the summer.

Oh, and that sunrise I loved to see? It peeked out around 5 am.

I really do miss this. Just not the heat that came with it!

So if you wanted to run, you best be doing it in the wee hours of the morning.

If you happened to sleep in (like until 6 or 7!) you would be battling the sun and the heat.

Nah, y’all. I’m good with a bit more sweat over here in Virginia, thankyouverymuch.

So what’s my plan? Before school lets out and summer travel starts: I’ve got some time to re-set and do something for me.

Hello, shade. I’ve missed you! Plus 1 for VA running trails.

I started last week by making sure I woke up and got out of the house before everyone else started moving. That might sound like an awful idea to some, but I’m at my best when there are fewer distractions giving me excuses to put off a workout.

I ran, and it sucked. Not going to lie: I am so very very verrrryyyy out of shape.

But I ran.

This week is already better. Monday’s run was a huge success mentally as well as physically. While that’s not fast up there, it’s a lot faster than last week. Ahem.

I’ll take it. And I’m only planning 2-3 mile runs for now. I don’t have anything to train for as far as distance or a race coming up, so I’m just going to focus on getting some cardio in and learning to love it again.

I’ve also pulled out my old fitness superheroes: Jillian Michaels and Tony Horton. They are going to be my sidekicks on this summer journey.

I can take both along with me when I travel and I can manage to fit them into my daily schedule.

Plus: I really need the strength. That is going to keep the old ITB injury at bay, and I definitely want to do that.

There’s always a bad guy in these comic book stories: and the bad guy in my story is nutrition.

I know– trust me, I KNOW– that 90% of weight loss is food related.

Baked eggs in Avocado: two all-star ingredients for your summer Atkins compliant meals.! Low carbs, high flavor. Gluten Free and Dairy Free. Perfect for brunch or breakfast.

If loving avocados is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

This is where my focus turns this week. Thankfully, I’ve got a few favorites that I can turn to.

Hello, Atkins, my old friend.

Got any favorite mid-day snacks or meals you enjoy that are high protein, low carb? Shout them out!

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