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She’ll Buy Her Own Flowers, So Bring Coffee | Sweet Valentine Latte Ideas (2023)

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you have a sweetheart you want to impress: you’ve come to the right place. Because (and trust us – and maybe Miley- on this) women don’t need you to buy flowers: they need you to buy coffee. Here’s a roundup of delicious Valentine latte ideas to make a romantic drink (or 2!) for your coffee lover. While Valentine’s Day is the perfect special occasion excuse, we have easy recipe ideas that work year-round! Affiliate links may be included in this post.

Here's a roundup of delicious Valentine latte ideas to make a romantic drink (or 2!) for your coffee lover. While Valentine's Day is the perfect special occasion excuse, we have easy recipe ideas that work year-round!

What Is Valentine’s Day?

Celebrated on February 14 of every year, Valentine’s Day is the day that lovers express their affection for each other with gifts, cards, and acts of service.

There are many legends and tales suggesting the origin of St. Valentine’s Day, but our favorite is the story in which St. Valentine defied Emporer Claudius II Gothicus and secretly married couples. This kept the husbands out of war and of course, furthered love throughout the land.

St. Valentine was martyred and now is celebrated annually on February 14th.

Don’t forget to check out these funny Valentine’s Day memes and Monday Coffee Memes for a few laughs and some inspiration.

coffee with heart foam in a cup on a saucer

Valentine’s Day Coffee Recipes

From a red velvet latte to a white chocolate mocha, you can’t go wrong with a cupid cappuccino on the morning of February 14th.

A caffeinated cup of coffee is a great way to say I love you – just add cocoa powder and whipped cream where you need to from the comfort of your own home.

Get fancy with some latte art if you are up to it and have a good espresso maker.

We’ve even included a few coffee-related desserts if that’s more your loved one’s speed.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

White Chocolate Mocha-valentines-latte-ideas

7 Valentine Latte Ideas For 2023

1. Starbucks Copycat Iced White Chocolate Mocha Recipe

This Starbucks Copycat Iced White Chocolate Mocha Recipe is creamy, loaded with white chocolate, and only requires a few ingredients. You can use store-bought chocolate sauce or make it from scratch with only 2 ingredients.

It’s a perfect indulgent treat- we’d add a double shot of espresso!

Get the Valentine Latte recipe here at Bites With Bri.

2. Pink Latte

Whip up this Pink Latte made with beetroot powder for a caffeine-free pick-me-up on Valentine’s Day.

It’s smooth and delicious and made in minutes!

Get the Pink Latte from Simply Scrumptious.


3. Espresso Ice Cream – Affogato Recipe

This isn’t exactly a traditional latte recipe, but it looked so delicious we had to add it! This decadent treat called to us, we’re not gonna lie.

The Affogato is a classic Italian dessert consisting of sweet vanilla ice cream topped or “drowned” with hot espresso coffee. In our opinion, you can never go wrong with shots of espresso added to a dessert.

A sweet mid-afternoon treat or after-dinner pick-me-up, this espresso ice cream is just what you need for a special Valentine’s Day treat.

Find the Espresso Ice Cream recipe at The Forked Spoon.

Irish-Affogato-espresso coffee valentines day latte ideas
Valentine latte ideas

4. Red Velvet Latte

This stunning red velvet latte is the perfect drink for Valentine’s Day.

Hot milk, vanilla, chocolate chips and coffee are mixed together with medium heat into a creamy drink.

Then topped with a bright red whipped cream and a sprinkle of chocolate shavings.

Grab this delightful Valentine latte idea from The Littlest Crumb

5. Baileys Latte For Valentine’s Day

This creamy Baileys latte is easy to make in less than 10 minutes with only three ingredients: espresso shot, cup of milk and Baileys.

This is a delicious latte for after a Valentine’s Day dinner and makes a great addition to our easy coffee drink recipes.

This one is also on The Littlest Crumb.

valentines latte idea baileys latte. Milk and baileys being poured into a coffee cup.
Valentine latte ideas

6. S’mores Hot Mocha

Have a coffee date at home for Valentine’s Day with S’mores Hot Mocha with chocolate and toasted marshmallows melted directly into the coffee.

This one is a great cup of coffee!

Learn how to make this one on Homemade In The Kitchen.

smores hot mocha in a coffee cup.

7. White Chocolate Frappuccino

A White Chocolate Frappuccino is great any time of the day, but we love to serve it in the afternoon when we need a boost of energy. Break out your espresso machine for this one.

White Chocolate Chips are melted into hot espresso coffee before being blended together with ice and cream to make this deliciously satisfying drink.

Read more about this Valentine coffee drink idea on A Cedar Spoon.

White-Chocolate-Frappuccino-valentine latte ideas

Valentine’s Day Celebration- Valentine Latte Ideas

Break out your favorite coffee maker for a sweet morning cup of coffee on Valentine’s Day.

Share a picture of your delicious drink on social media with a sweet Valentine’s caption for lovers.

We hope one of these Valentine’s Day coffee drink ideas are the perfect choice to make your loved one’s day special.

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