Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Recap | Tuesdays on the Run

We know you had a full holiday weekend: running, racing, sleeping in, whatever you did, we support it! Happy Labor Day! Now that it’s over, we’re back to talking running on Tuesdays on the Run. This week the topic is FREE TOPIC. Yep: if it’s running related, it’s legit. Link up with Erika, Marcia and me for […]

The Best Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotels | runDisney

When it comes to hotel accommodations around Disneyland, you have a lot of options. For a race weekend, I look at the locations that are closest to the action.  This means an easy walk to the expo and something close to the start and finish if possible.  Park entrance location is nice, but my main […]

D23 Expo: The Adventure Begins

I’m running on about 4-hours sleep, but I’m at the airport and ready to GO! My bags are packed, my ears are on (really, they are!) and I’m anxiously waiting for my flight to board. On the schedule this weekend?  The D23 Expo in Anaheim, California. What exactly is D23 Expo?  It’s billed as the […]

Disneyland 2001 | Disneyland 60 Years in 60 Days

I’m joining my fellow Disneyland loving bloggers as we cover the past 60 years at Disneyland in 60 days.   Thanks to DisTherapy and The Disney Gals for hosting this brilliant link-up! Each blogger selected a year to research and discuss, with one big link-up of magic as the result.  Sound like fun?  It sure […]