Splashy Election Thoughts | Monday Memes

I thought about doing a big impassioned plea to go vote and make your voice heard and all that jazz. But let’s face it: we’re all adults here and you know what you got to do. It’s the Monday before the election and like everyone else I know, I’m ready for this sucker to be […]

Monday Memes | National Whatever Day

You know how every day seems to be National Whatever Day? I used to have a friend that posted the most interesting ones on his social media accounts. It was amusing to discover what was worthy of “celebration” on any given day. I found this website that says, yes, indeed, there is a national something […]

Memes For Moms (and Dads) in May

Hang in there moms and dads: May is almost over. Know what can make it better? Funny Memes. You’re welcome. I know it’s tough. I know this month feels longer than any other month in the school year. Why? Because every dang party, recital, program, event, tournament and important religious moment seems to happen in […]

Monday Memes | The Day After Valentine’s Day

My Valentine’s Day looked a lot like this: Actually, it looked exactly like this.  We did an air high five and called it good.  Ha. Happy Valentine’s day, Mr. S! Monday Memes brought to you with love. How was your Valentine’s?  It had to be better than mine!

Monday Memes | Star Wars The Force Awakens

IT’S THE WEEK. For many of us, it will be the longest week ever as we wait for our chance to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. For others, it’s just going to be another week of over excited and over hyped geeks filling up our newsfeeds on social media with Star Wars this and Star […]

Monday Memes

It’s a very short week for most of us, but it’s still a Monday. I’m not sure if the short week makes things on a Monday easier to take or just more annoying?  I’m in the annoying camp. Anyway- it’s Monday, so let’s DO THIS. And hurry along to Wednesday around noon, shall we?   […]

Monday Memes | Running & Weather Edition

I know, I know… enough with the weather. First it was the obsession all over social media about the rain and heat and how bad things might get over the weekend. And then: well, it got bad.  The rain and the heat and the short course… Oh My! Here are Monday Memes for your post-Wine […]

Monday Memes | Inspirational Quotes

I know so many people are having a tough go of things lately. Maybe it’s some unexpected expenses, some bad news, some health concerns, or just a general feeling of “ick”.  I get it.  I’ve been struggling with a smidge of all of the above myself, so I’m devoting Monday Memes to some inspirational quotes. […]

Monday Memes | Disney Edition

Because… I’m going to Disneyland this week! Yes, again. The 10th anniversary of the Disneyland Half Marathon is happening on Sunday and I can’t wait to be there.  Here are a few memes to get you in the Disney mood. Okay, I know, you probably don’t need any help. Enjoy them anyway. I never quite […]

Monday Memes | Back To School Edition

This one is for you, Back To School Heroes:  the teachers, the administrators, the school bus drivers and the lunch ladies. Bless.  Without you, I’d be a big puddle of weepy mommy guts every day. I salute you and hope your year is as wonderful as your “summers off” promise. Monday Memes: Back to School  I […]