Tips To Survive the Work From Home Summer | Mom Monday

Working from home has some problems. For example, my commute is the worst. It takes, like, 14-seconds to walk down the stairs to my office. And the dress code is horrible. I mean, clothing required. Any clothing. Geesh, way to get all picky, kids! Okay, I can’t even go on with a straight face. There […]

Choose Skin Health with Neutrogena

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Neutrogena. I received samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation. Little known fact about me.  I was a Cancer Information Specialist with the American Cancer Society until we made the move to Arizona. If you […]

Keeping the Energy Bill Cool

Here’s a newsflash for you: it’s HOT. Especially back home in Arizona.  You know, the surface of the sun? I can’t say I’m missing it right now. Sorry, honey. Oh, you’re reading that right.  Excessive heat at 8pm. Have you ever paid a $632 electricity bill?  I have.  And that’s NOT fun. And that’s NOT […]

Road Trip | Schlitterbahn Waterpark & Resort Giveaway

Disclosure: As a member of the US Family Guide Blogger network, I received complimentary passes to visit the Schlitterbhan Waterpark & Resort.  As always, all opinions are my own.  No offense to the Stark family, but around here summer is the season to fear. It gets hot.  REAL hot in Arizona. And my kids get bored.  REAL […]

They’re Baaaaccckkk! Mom Monday

My family is back together again.  Trite as it is I’m going to say it:  I’m blessed.  So very blessed with these kiddos and their unique perspectives on life. In case you missed it: my children spent an extra week in California visiting the cousins.  They go every year to my sister’s house, aka, Camp […]

Do You Hear the Silence?

It’s 8am and the house is quiet.  The only noise is the typing of my fingers and the hum of the AC.  (Why, yes, we DO run the AC at 8am.  We live on the sun, remember?) Why on earth is this worth noting?  Because it doesn’t happen EVER.  My children have no concept of […]

Mom Monday: Summertime Blues

Yes.  Shut up, I know.  Gahhhhh! It’s been, like, 30 seconds since my kids officially got out of school for the summer and I’m complaining.  Mom can’t hang, y’all. Your kids probably still have a week or more left thanks to Elsa and her never-ending winter.  You probably long for the day that projects are […]

It’s Summer, Summertime- Wordless Wednesday

Gotta sing that Will Smith-like… I’m clearly NOT good at the “wordless” part of the Wordless Wednesday posts.  Ah well…You’ll thank me as you sing the song all day long now, right? Saw this for the first time (since I could read!) last summer at Disneyland I  love Disneyland in JULY for this very reason! […]