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Taylor Swift Outfits: What To Wear To The Eras Tour Movie

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If you didn’t get the chance to don your wildest dreams Taylor Swift-inspired ensemble at one of her epic stadium concerts, fear not, fellow Swifties! I was in the same boat. Totally missed out on the tour, no matter how hard I tried to get tickets. But… the magic of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is on the big screen, and fans are seizing the opportunity to bring their elaborate outfits from the stadium straight to the movie theater. Sign. Me. Up! I’ve got some Taylor Swift outfits and ideas for you to wear to the Eras Tour movie, though I’ll admit I went super comfy and casual for my 4 showings. Yes. 4 showings… so far. STILL cheaper than an actual concert ticket though! Don’t forget that red lipstick look that you like! Affiliate links are included in this post. 

what to wear to the eras tour movie. Taylor Swift outfits.

The Eras Tour Concert Movie

From October 13 to December 31, you can belong with her. In the movies, anyway!

Because that’s when pop star Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Concert Film will play in theaters.

While making notes on your calendar, mark down October 27 for the release of 1989 (Taylor’s Version)! 

Whether you missed out on securing tickets to the record-breaking concert like I did, or are just eager to relive the unforgettable experience with your fellow Swifties, this is your chance to sing and dance along to Taylor’s iconic 44-song setlist on the big screen. 

Parents, if you want to know if your younger Swifties can attend the Eras Tour, check out this parents guide.

taylor swift eras tour movie

While ‘Tim McGraw’ her debut song from my personal favorite album (hi, OG Swiftie here!) won’t be on the set list unless its one of the surprise songs, we’re still looking forward to re-entering our Fearless era with Love Story and You Belong With Me. 

Expect movie theaters to transform into a sea of “Bejeweled” outfits, wrists adorned with stacks of friendship bracelets, and the number 13 proudly painted on hands. 

It’s been a blast to see the Swifties dress up each weekend!

13 on hand at the taylor swift eras tour.

The dedication of Swifties knows no bounds, and you won’t want to miss out on the fun of embracing fringe, sparkles, and the delightful tradition of exchanging wrist candy. 

We know All Too Well that you’ll want to make the whole place shimmer and turn your AMC into Metlife Stadium (Welcome to New York! Okay, New Jersey) or Los Angeles SoFi Stadium for the night! 

We expect to see everything from combat boots to cozy slippers to a pair of cowboy boots at the movie theater this week. 

So, let’s dive into what to wear to make a splash at the latest Taylor Swift movie event.

what to wear to the eras tour concert movie taylor swift outfits

Taylor Swift Outfits For The Eras Tour Movie

You might decide to go comfortable ala a Junior Jewels look or you might decide to glam out, but whatever you choose, just make sure your Taylor Swift outfit works for you.

There are no wrong choices here, Swifties!

And with a huge backlog of albums and songs, you’ve got loads of options.

I wore this in a 5K race, but it could totally work for the movie theater as well!

Comfortable Looks For The Eras Tour Movie

If you don’t want to get too dressed up but like a little bit of theming, go ahead and grab one of these Taylor Swift outfit ideas for comfort.

Think jeans and Ts or a slouchy sweatshirt and yoga pants.

Plaid patterned PJs work too!

Your favorite white Hokas or fuzzy slippers complete the look.

Here are some options you can get from Amazon (affiliate links included):

what to wear to the eras tour movie. Taylor swift outfits - comfortable sweatpants and t shirts.

Dressier Options: Taylor Swift Outfits For the Eras Tour Movie

Pick an era and lean into it!

We know the evermore girlies will show up with cloaks and those in their Lover era will be in pinks, blues, and pastels.

Here are some ideas to help you build your dressier outfit for the Eras Tour Movie.

Reputation Era Taylor Swift Outfit Ideas
Reputation Era Taylor Swift Outfit Ideas

The Grammy winner recorded the movie at Taylor Swift’s concert(s) in LA, so you know this movie is going to be amazing.

And don’t forget the Friendship bracelets! They go with any look you put together and you can share them with all your new best friends.

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