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Ted Lasso Drinking Game

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Even if you aren’t a soccer lover, you will not be able to get enough of Coach Ted Lasso on Apple TV. This is the feel-good show of the year, and thankfully we now have two seasons to enjoy. But if you want to really feel good with this show via a little alcoholic beverage of your choice, go ahead and enjoy this Ted Lasso drinking game. Check out all the best Ted Lasso quotes here! And if you want to know if Ted Lasso is ok for kids (before you start drinking, ahem) check out this one.

ted lasso drinking game

The Ultimate Ted Lasson Drinking Game

You’re here, you’re there, you’re every effing where with this Ted Lasso drinking game & the rules you must follow.

Don’t land on the front page of The Sun or in a Trent Crimm, The Independent, column this week for getting too sauced!

drinking game ted lasso rules

Rules of the Ted Lasso Drinking Game


That basically means you’ll want to limit this game to one drink per match. Do not binge both alcohol and Ted Lasso together.

That is not a good look, in any country.

Seriously- I care, and the EMS does not need to be called on your booty, so be smart here. 

Also: this game is NOT for kids and, to be honest, the show isn’t either. Is Ted Lasso ok for kids?

Read the parent review before you make this show a family affair!

rules to the ted lasso drinking game
  • Whenever someone says “Football is life!” take a sip
  • Take a shot whenever a Broadway show or movie is mentioned
  • Drink whenever someone calls Ted a W@nker
  • When Ted and Rebecca have biscuits with the boss, you drink!
  • Wipe your eye and take a shot whenever a green army man is shown
ted lasso roy kent quotes drinking game season 2
  • When the Diamond Dogs get together, you drink to celebrate!
  • Trent Crimm says, “Trent Crimm, The Independent” – you cheers and drink.
  • If Ted shades Tea, you can drink whatever alcoholic beverage you love.
  • Drink whenever Jamie Tartt’s Baby Shark theme is sung.
  • If they show the Believe sign on the screen, you take a sip.
  • Whenever Nate spits, you take a shot.
  • If Rupert is being nasty, go ahead and throw back a drink for Rebecca
rules to the ted lasso drinking game

BONUS: If you want to skip all of the above, and just get a nice buzz going, drink anytime Roy Kent says f@ck – limit yourself to one time per episode to stay out of the hospital.

And he says it a lot- be sure to check out the best Roy Kent quotes from Ted Lasso.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.