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The Grand Visit to the Grand Canyon

The Grand Visit to the Grand Canyon

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Jedi ClaireDon’t you love it when you can share a passion with your children?? My mini-me, Claire, has been asking to start a blog for a little while now.? We’ve been talking about it and as soon as she can decide on a name and general theme, we’ll give it a go!

In the meantime, she is itching to write.? My young padawan asked if she could write a post for you today.? Since I planned on talking about our Grand Canyon trip, we thought this would be a perfect fit for Claire.

Taking a cue from my friend Wendy (and her adorable Emi!) at Over the Top Mommy, I decided to let her guest post.?

These #kidbloggers are going to be the next big thing, yo!


Guest post by Claire- Age 9

GC Claire

In May my parents and grandparents took us to the Grand Canyon.? I think it was Mother’s Day but I’m not sure.? My Aunts and cousins came with us.

There are a lot of layers of rocks in the Grand Canyon.? The rocks from the bottom were the old rocks,the rocks from the top were younger.

It took a long time to make the Grand Canyon.

I wish we could hike down and sleep at the bottom, but it would take seven or eight hours to get down, then it would a couple of more hours to get to the campsite.

We hiked down a little bit though.? It was a little slippery due to the tiny rocks and a lot of sand.? Coming back up was hard! It was very steep.? My cousins and big brother went down even farther and we used my Grandmas binoculars to find them. We were still looking for them when they walked out of the top! We missed them on the trail.


There’s a river down there, but I don’t want to go on it. It’s too wild!

It snowed in Arizona which was weird.

It was very cold when we saw the sunrise over the Grand Canyon. It was pretty, with purples and pinks and oranges mixed together.?? I think it’s the same sunset like we see back at our house! (Mom edit... errrr… not exactly.? This kicked our sunrises…well, you know. Keeping it G rated here!)


The hotel was pretty cool.? It was called the Grand Canyon Squire Inn.? It had an indoor arcade, bowling alley, and a waterfall INSIDE the building.? My daddy and I went to a gift shop and learned about some brothers who went down the Colorado River & we saw their real boat.

We ate breakfast there and I thought it was fancy!? My mom liked it because it was free with the room.

Going bowling was the best part of the hotel.


I would love to go back- but only if we can go with the cousins again. And I’d like to take my California cousins next time, too.

Thanks for reading!? Mom says I should ask you a question.? Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon?? Please leave a comment!

Sharing is caring!

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Nicole @ Fitful Focus

Thursday 10th of July 2014

I haven't been to the Grand Canyon, but I hear it's beautiful! I hope to do a big National Park road trip one day. Sounds like you had an amazing time!

Lauren @ Lauren's Glass Slipper

Wednesday 9th of July 2014

Great post Claire! Sounds like you had a blast! I have not been to the Grand Canyon yet, but it is high on my bucket list! :0)


Tuesday 8th of July 2014

How fun! We want to go next summer once the baby can be controlled a little more..... Go cutie #kidblogger. Great post.


Sunday 6th of July 2014

I loved reading your post about the Grand Canyon as did Nathan who is also 9! He has already asked when can we go and if we can stay at the same hotel! Way to go Claire! Keep writing!


Friday 4th of July 2014

I love your post Claire! I've been twice to the Grand Canyon-once with my mom and step dad 6 years ago and last year with my boyfriend to celebrate our anniversay\valentines day. It was Feb and so cold and snow was everywhere. I want to go back so I can ride a mule to the bottom and camp

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