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An Inside Tour of A Hotel Hershey Suite | Hotels In Hershey, PA

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It’s one of three official Hersheypark resorts (and the closest hotel to Hersheypark!): The Hotel Hershey is steeped in history. And luxury! Here’s a tour of the one-bedroom suite and some information on why you want to make The Hotel Hershey your next hotel in Hershey, PA. 

The Hotel Hershey Hotels in Hershey PA


We were hosted in at The Hotel Hershey as part of the Sweetest Moms ambassadorship this month.


An Insiders Tour of A Hotel Hershey Suite | Hotels In Hershey, PA

I won’t lie: I love being pampered. But, honestly, who doesn’t?

Pampering is not a requirement for an excellent hotel stay, however, but if an upgrade is magically offered? I won’t say no!

We went to check out all that a Hersheypark Christmas had to offer a few weeks ago and staying at the closest hotel to Hersheypark was a dream for me. 

1 mom, 4 kids: I need all the help I could get corraling these jokers- and this Hotel Hershey 1 bedroom suite provided the perfect amount of pampering after a day at the park!


The Hotel Hershey Lobby check in desk

Portraits of Milton and Catherine Hershey at the front desk of The Hotel Hershey.


The Hotel Hershey Lobby stained glass

The Hotel Hershey Cuban Room


Things to Do At The Hotel Hershey


The Hotel Hershey 1 Bedroom Suite

Since we were a party of 5, the standard rooms wouldn’t accommodate us. But The Hotel Hershey does offer 1 bedroom suites that can sleep 6. 

Here’s a quick tour highlighting The Hotel Hershey 1 bedroom suite and I’m sure you can see we were quite comfortable!


suite number at The Hotel Hershey


The Living Room of The Hotel Hershey suite

This suite came with plenty of room and amenities.

There wasn’t a whole lot I felt was lacking (other than the bathroom situation that I’ll cover in a minute). 


The Hotel Hershey Suite

The sofa opens out to a double bed; two teens slept comfortably on this together. They also had a TV for themselves!


Robes from The Hotel Hershey suite

And the robes… but of course, no smiles for the camera. Oh, teens are fun!


The Hotel Hershey suite work station

I loved the workstation. It was perfect to pull out my laptop and do a little extra work before I headed into the bedroom for the night.


The Hotel Hershey suite living room


There was a large flat screen tv, a minibar, and a coffee and tea station as well.

The coffee, tea, and water were all complimentary in the suite.


The Bathroom at The Hotel Hershey suite

If there was a negative to our stay, I’d say it was the bathroom. 

And not really the bathroom, just the location of it. It was in the living room, so the people sleeping in the bedroom had to travel back and forth after showers to change. 

But hey- I guess that’s what the robes are for! 

It was also a bit on the small side without a ton of counter space. But for our short stay, that wasn’t really an issue. 


The Hotel Hershey suite bathroom


The Hotel Hershey suite bathroom supplies


My daughters couldn’t get enough of the body wash, shampoo and lotion. It all smelled like chocolate mandarin and it was heavenly!

I’m ready to go back just to take more showers. Ha! 


The Hotel Hershey suite Bedroom

The bedroom was super cozy. We had tons of space and the heater kept us perfectly comfortable all night long. 

We had two double beds, a chair and a television in our room. 


The Hotel Hershey suite bedroom


The Hotel Hershey suite beds


The Hotel Hershey suite bed pillow


The Hotel Hershey suite hershey kisses


And Hershey Kisses, of course! Gotta get those sweet dreams, amirite?

We also went ahead and indulged a bit. I think the excitement of the day at Hersheypark Christmas Candy Land and Sweet Lights, then coming back to this practically perfect hotel room got to me. 

Why leave all this amazingness for dinner? 

So… we didn’t. We ordered room service, which if you know me, is basically my love language.

And one I am passing on to my children since that’s pretty much the first thing they ask about when we check in anywhere. Most of the time I tell them no, but on special occasions and in special places, we go ahead and make the big splurge!


The Hotel Hershey suite room service


Plus, Pitch Perfect was on and I didn’t want to miss the big finale song!


How to Book a 1 Bedroom Suite at The Hotel Hershey

These suites aren’t listed on the hotel website. But they do exist!

  • Check-in is after 4 PM
  • Check-out is before 12 PM
  • Accessible Rooms are available upon request
  • Call  (844) 330-1711 to make a reservation

You’ll want to call to discuss your options if you are a family of 5 or more to see what accommodations are available for your crew. There are some additional suites that I wouldn’t mind checking out someday: they are SUPER fancy.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.