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Things To Do At The Hotel Hershey | Hotels In Hershey, PA

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When you stay at a Hersheypark resort, you’re treated very well. And when you stay at The Hotel Hershey- the closest hotel near Hersheypark-  you can count on exceptional service! I like to call it THE Hershey hotel, myself because there’s a ton of exciting things to do and experience on the grounds. Looking for hotels in Hershey, PA? Look no further! Here’s my list of don’t miss recreaction activities at The Hotel Hershey.


The Hotel Hershey entrance sign in Hershey PA


I discovered these awesome things during a hosted stay as part of the Sweetest Moms Ambassador program. This Hershey hotel tops my list of hotels in Hershey PA!

I do love me some Hershey, PA.

Since moving to Northern Virginia almost two years ago, it’s been our go-to family getaway. 

We recently had our first stay at The Hotel Hershey, one of the official Hersheypark resorts and we are all in love with this place! This is the closest hotel to Hersheypark as well- so you can’t beat the location.

We weren’t there long enough to do everything, so we’re already trying to figure out how to go back. 


Things To Do At The Hotel Hershey

When we arrived at the hotel, we were given full bars of chocolate. 

Hello, you speak my language, Hotel Hershey! 


Full hershey bars at the Hotel Hershey check in


After check-in, we started to explore. We had a few hours before the room was ready, so we took some time before we hopped over to experience a Hersheypark Christmas to look around.

Side note: Hersheypark Candy Lane was amazing fun and so pretty! The park is filled with so many holiday touches – we just adored it all.


hersheypark candy lane lights


hersheypark christmas characters kitkat


Having stayed at The Hershey Lodge last summer, I was curious to see what The Hotel Hershey had to offer. 

Guys: there’s a ton to do here! We’ll be checking this off the list at the next stay. 

Sweet Deets On The Hotel Hershey, Hershey PA

The Hotel Hershey Address and Phone Number


(844) 330-1711


Indoor Swimming Pool at The Hotel Hershey

We were traveling to Hershey, PA in November. Which meant there was already some snow on the ground. 


While I personally had no interest in getting into the water, my kids (and fellow guests!) had me convinced it wasn’t a bad idea. 

The place was hopping!


hotel hershey indoor pool


the hotel hershey pool towels


There’s a pool, hot tub, splash pad and poolside towels for guests to enjoy.

And some rooms are located right off the side of the pool, so if that’s where your family wants to spend a lot of time, I think it would be a great room to request!


the hotel hershey pool rooms


If indoor pools aren’t your thing, there’s an outdoor pool option as well. But obviously, we didn’t hit that up since there was snow on the ground! 

  • The Hotel Hershey Indoor Pool Complex Open Daily, 8 AM – 10 PM (Adults may enter at 6:30 AM)
  • The Hotel Hershey Outdoor Pool Complex Open Daily, 10 AM – 9 PM (Memorial Day Weekend – September 2, 2018).  Labor Day Hours: 10 AM-6 PM 
    After Labor Day, the Outdoor Pool will be closed for the season.


hotel hershey fitness center and pool sign


The Fitness Center at The Hotel Hershey

If you need to get your sweat on before you head out to the parks (or maybe work out some extra adrenaline after riding all the coasters!) then the onsite fitness center is for you. 

The classes and use of equipment are complimentary for guests age 16 and up. 


The Hotel Hershey fitness center


the hotel hershey fitness center treadmills


the hotel hershey fitness center free weights


the hotel hershey fitness center kettle bells


  • The Hotel Hershey Fitness Center is Open Daily, 6:30 AM – 10 PM
  • Ages 16 and up are welcome
  • Men’s and women’s saunas
  • Covered walkway adjoining to The Hotel
  • Classes available as well as personal trainers


The Spa at The Hotel Hershey

I actually had a chance to check out The Spa at The Hotel Hershey a while back… and I need to do this one again!

It was so luxurious and wonderful – perfect for a little pampering after the Hershey Half Marathon or Hershey 10K, runner friends! 


Spa at The Hotel Hershey


chocolate spa pedicure after the hershey half


The Spa at The Hotel Hershey


  • The Spa is open 7 days a week
  • For questions or to schedule an appointment, call 717-520-5888
  • Massage, Facial, and Wet Treatment Rooms
  • Soaking Tubs, Hydrotherapy Baths, and Vichy Showers
  • Steam Rooms and Saunas
  • Inhalation Room and Silent Meditation Room
  • Quiet Room
  • The Oasis, restaurant and lounge
  • Nail and Hair Salon
  • Teen and Bridal Services
  • Spa Boutique


Additional Recreation at The Hotel Hershey

We concentrated on checking out the indoor options because we’re Arizona/Texas transplants; we’re still learning about all this cold weather stuff!

But if you’re visiting during warmer months (or hey, are just built of stronger stuff than we are! I admit I’m a weather wimp) check some of these other options out. 

Formal Gardens and Grounds

There were plenty of people strolling the grounds of The Hotel Hershey. I just went out, grabbed some pictures, and rushed back inside where the heat lives! 

Formal Gardens at The Hotel Hershey


The Hotel Hershey


Golf Courses Open Seasonally

The Hershey Country Club has 2 golf courses available for hotel guest use. 

There’s also an 18-hole putting course that’s family friendly on The Hotel Hershey grounds. 


Fitness and Hiking Trails

Paved hiking paths are available that range from 3/4 of a mile up to 3 miles. During the Hershey holiday season, I’m pretty sure the paths are closed down to accommodate the Hershey Sweet Lights. 


Segway Tours at The Hotel Hershey

I’ve never done one, but it sounds like a blast! 

You get to travel along the paths and learn about the history of The Hotel Hershey, which is an adventure in itself. 

I’d so be down for this! This certainly stands out when comparing the hotels in Hershey, PA. 

  • Reserve online at or call 717-668-1641
  • Segway Tours are offered daily from April through November.
  • Historical Segway Tours are $69 per person and Off-Road Segway Tours are $79 per person.


Falconry at The Hotel Hershey

I’ve met a hawk before at ZooAmerica and she was the sweetest thing ever! Definitely make a stop at ZooAmerica when you head into Hersheypark next. 


ZooAmerica Hawk at Hersheypark


But if you are staying at the hotel, you can experience Falconry firsthand! I’m not sure there are any other hotels in Hershey, PA that offer this. How cool, right?

You’ll meet hawks, falcons, and even a Golden Eagle at The Hotel Hershey. 

  • For information, reservations & pricing contact The Hotel Hershey Concierge at 717-534-8860. Transportation is provided to the Falconry Field.
  • Reserve Online
  • *You do not need to be a guest of The Hotel Hershey or Hershey Lodge to enjoy The Falconry Experience
  • Resort Guest: Adults $65, Children $25 (15 and under)
  • Public Guest: Adults $75, Children $25 (15 and under)


See what I’m saying? If you’re looking for hotels in Hershey, this is THE Hershey hotel you need to stay at!

There are just so many recreation activities at The Hotel Hershey that your family will love the stay. 

Now I just need to plan when we’re going back and start crossing things off the list- if I can stay out of Hersheypark long enough, that is. I have a bit of a theme park problem, ha! 


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