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Ticket Sales For Solo: A Star Wars Story Make The Leap To Hyperspace

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Star Wars day kicked off in a big way: May the 4th also signaled the start of ticket sales for Solo: A Star Wars Story. With the movie opening on May 25, the Star Wars fandom is starting to get excited if ticket sales are any indication. Check out this new Solo clip & a special tour of the Millenium Falcon (two words- CAPE ROOM) and then go buy your tickets!


Han Solo in Solo: A Star Wars Story movie poster


I am geeking out just a bit as this movie premiere gets closer and closer.

Han Solo- that scoundrel- has always been a fan and personal favorite; so a whole movie with his backstory? Yup, I’m in.


Ticket Sales For Solo: A Star Wars Story Make The Leap To Hyperspace

May the Fourth Be With You memes were the first things to hit my?social media last Friday; the second thing was the news that tickets for Solo: A Star Wars Story went on sale.

Punch it, Chewie! We’re going to hang out in space with Lando and Han- tickets acquired!

And my family was not the only ones. Pre-sales of the tickets for Solo: A Star Wars movie doubled Marvel’s Black Panther within the first 24 hours according to Fandango.

Guys. That’s a whole lot of love for a young Han Solo and I am here for it. I am also here for this new clip that just released.



I have to admit- watching Chewie climb into the copilot seat next to Han brought out some major Star Wars nostalgia feelings right there! These guys have been together flying the Falcon practically my entire life- so fun to see this from the beginning!

Speaking of beginnings: we all know that Lando is the original owner of the Millennium Falcon. And that Donald Glover as a young Lando is, well, he’s perfect.


Donald Glover as lando in the falcon in Solo: A Star Wars Story


I’m not saying that I’m going to see the movie just for Lando… but I’m sayin’ he’s a pretty good reason to go is all. Gotta love a guy with access to Hyperdrive controls and a cape room!

Oh, that’s right. Cape. Room. Check it out!



I mean, this man is totally swoon-worthy, just like his Billy Dee before him. I cannot wait to see Glover nail this character in Solo!

And if you need to color your own Lando, you can head over to this post and download some coloring sheets for Solo: A Star Wars Story (at the bottom of the post).


Solo: A Star Wars Story Lando coloring sheet for May the Fourth Be With you


Movies to Watch Before Solo: A Star Wars Story

If you’ve bought your tickets, you might think you are ready for the movie.

Not so fast! Do a little homework to get caught up on all the Star Wars movies in order before you head into the theater for the newest addition to the?galaxy far far away.


Searching for the perfect way to watch the Star Wars movies in order? I have lists! Different ways to find your perfect Star Wars movies order. From New Hope to Solo! #starwars #starwarstimeline #solo #hansolo #starwarsmovies #moviemarathon


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