Tips for Eating Out on a Macro-Based Diet

If you’ve been around here long enough, then you know that eating healthy is one of my challenges- but one thing that has helped me is keeping track of my macros. It helps me visually see just where I am on the nutrition scale- which is always a smart way to diet! I’m sharing this sponsored guest post today to give some tips on how you can still go out to eat and watch your macros. And if you’re in the San Diego area, you are in luck: here are some specific restaurants that can help you with your maco-based eating plan goals! 


It’s important to balance nutrition and exercise, but it can be hard to follow a diet if you love eating out.

Luckily, you don’t need to give up your favorite restaurants to be healthy — though you may need to pick new dishes.

Follow these three tips for sticking to a macro-based eating plan while eating out around San Diego.


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Solidify Your Macro-Based Eating Plan

If you want to successfully eat out on a macro-based plan, you first need to make sure your diet will support the foods you’ll find at local restaurants.

Don’t use eating out as an excuse not to follow your nutrition plan. Instead, account for your meals just like you would at home.

Look up eateries and menu options ahead of time if possible, and track your macros before you head out the door.

You can also use Lifesum’s advice on losing weight with a macro-based eating plan and the Lifesum tracking app to enjoy your time out and eat a good meal without busting your diet.


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Watch Where You Eat

Though it can be fun to improvise by choosing a random local restaurant, this strategy isn’t particularly well-suited to a macro-based diet.

You need to find eateries that offer dishes that are good for your diet goals. Look up menus, pick an entree, and calculate the macros before you head out.


green smoothie

Lean and Green Cafe offers a variety of protein-packed smoothies similar to this green smoothie pictured here!


If you ever do eat out impulsively, use your tracking app to calculate macros and order something that will meet your dietary needs.

It also helps to know which restaurants nearby are best for your nutritional requirements so you can recommend eating there if your friends ever want to dine on a whim.

These are a few San Diego restaurants that are a good fit for a macro-based diet:

  • Lean and Green Cafe
  • Ranchos Cocina
  • Garden Kitchen
  • Trilogy Sanctuary Cafe




Watch What You Order

You don’t need to look up menus beforehand if you learn more about what macronutrients are and can pick healthy options on the fly. Excellent knowledge to have for this purpose is an understanding of good and bad carbs.

Refined carbs include bread-based items with lots of sugar or processed flour, such as white bread and pastries, as well as things like chocolate and ice cream.

These items lack nutrients but are loaded with calories.

Avoid these foods in favor of calorie- and nutrient- rich natural carbohydrate options, which include things like brown and wild rice, quinoa, legumes, potatoes, and whole wheat.


quinoa and vegetables on a white dish


As a general rule, look for dishes with lots of fiber.

Macronutrients are found in foods with lots of healthy fat, protein, and carbs, so keep these things in mind when you order.

If you can’t calculate your macros at the table, just make a note of what you ate so you can balance your diet accordingly at home.

Losing weight with a macro-based eating plan is entirely possible, even if you don’t want to give up eating out. Follow these tips to stick to your diet plan regardless of where you’re getting your meals.


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