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Tips for the Taper | Tuesdays on the Run

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Tuesdays On The Run Please settle in and enjoy some great running bloggers as they give their best tips for surviving the taper.? Erika, April and I are thrilled to have you here!? It’s time for Tuesdays on the Run.

Taper defined by Runner’s World😕 Runners usually cut back mileage (or taper) one day to three weeks (depending on race distance) before a big race. Tapering helps muscles rest so that they are ready for peak performance on race day.

Who knew?? Did did you?? Come on over and read what our blogger friends have to say about the mysterious world of Tapering.

Tips for Surviving the Taper

Sooooo… yeaaahhh… about that… got any for me?


Mmmmm…. food. Well, I eat when I run. I can’t imagine eating MORE when I’m not running. Explain?!

As a fairly new distance runner I’m still in survival mode.

I’m working my best to complete and not die to be honest.? I understand what tapering means in very loose terms but I have never done it.

On purpose.? Ahem.

Not running for 4 weeks between halves probably isn’t quite what is meant, right?? Looking at you, weeks between Tink and Princess Half!

taper moody

This? Yeah, this I get. But I don’t need long runs to be a decent human. Can you taper and just do a 2 miler?

I’ve often joked that I was in an unintentional taper, and hey, doesn’t that make me sound like a smart runner?

I’ve seen the posts and discussions about taper madness.? My fellow runners who are just DYING to stretch their legs and let it go but are being smart and holding back.?? I’m not sure I totally understand it all.

However, with my first marathon looming I’m giving all this more thought.


I could get behind a few weeks of people leaving me the heck alone. Yep.

I’m really looking forward to this weeks tips so I can glean some insight for how to complete my first marathon in January.

So help me out here and answer a few questions for the clueless runner:

1.? Why do YOU taper??

2.? What do you do instead?

3.? Do you get cranky?? Hungry? What’s up with that?

4.? How long does is this taper thing supposed to last?

5.? Do you NEED to taper?? Or do you just like to taper?

6.? Don’t you worry about losing some physical/mental edge?

If you feel like answering any or all, I’m all ears!

And if you have a full blog post on the topic- go ahead and link-up.? I’ll be reading them all this week!

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Sharing is caring!

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Wednesday 22nd of October 2014

I run 6 times a week, but I don't do races. So I never have to taper.


Tuesday 21st of October 2014

I love to Taper! I just added my post to the Linkup on my love for the Taper but to answer your questions: 1. Why do YOU taper? To give my body time to recover and relax before a race 2. What do you do instead? I just do shorter runs and also add in more yoga and stretching instead of hard workouts 3. Do you get cranky? Hungry? What’s up with that?-nope, I am just nervous for the race and usually busy prepping for the race (outfit, transportation, fuel, charging electronics, etc) 4. How long does is this taper thing supposed to last? 2 weeks for a half, 3 weeks for a marathon. I usually taper 1 week for a 10k and 5k 5. Do you NEED to taper? Or do you just like to taper? my body works better. Spending time stretching and relaxing helps me perform. Also, I sleep a lot more which is so good! 6. Don’t you worry about losing some physical/mental edge? nope-i usually feel great as I have been spent so much time planning everything out and making sure I am stretched and rolled out. The extra sleep helps me feel rested and the extra time I have helps me make mental race plans.


Wednesday 22nd of October 2014

YOU ROCK. Thank you for all this!!! And for linking up with us! GREAT post.


Tuesday 21st of October 2014

Haha, I can relate to this. I don't taper ( on purpose).


Tuesday 21st of October 2014

Love the "No Run = Cranky+ Moody" it is sooo true for me. I do love me some tapering though. I grew up swimming so the concept is very similar to running with tapering before your big event. I have always believed that it helps you have fresh legs for your race day so I usually just do a 6 mile long run the week before. I think it also helps me get in the mental mode for the race because I have always done it taper= race ready.


Tuesday 21st of October 2014

Hah! I love that someecard!

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