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Unforgettable Happens Here | Disney Parks

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The Disney Parks announced it’s campaign for 2016. It’s replacing the wildly popular “Disney Side” theme, and I’m blown away by it!

Unforgettable Happens Here

“Around every corner, at any second or minute of every day, there?s a magical moment waiting to happen. ?At Disney Parks, moments both big and little become stories that will be forever told and retold. And never, ever forgotten.”

Cue the waterworks.


This new campaign perfectly sums up why we go, and go back, and go back some more.

The Disney Parks are our story; it’s part of what makes us the Holliday family.

It started when?a dinner date turned into a Disney movie fest on the couch with Mr. Shennanigans and his extensive VHS collection. ?I knew the slipper fit when he gushed over the mice in Cinderella and sang Be Our Guest as loudly as I did.

True love, y’all.

castle honeymoon

We honeymooned at Walt Disney World. ?We made quick day trips between his Army deployments when we could pull it off.

When we received job offers in both Philadelphia and Orlando, well, that was an easy choice to make!

We moved down to the City Beautiful and before I unpacked a single box I took my small boys to the Magic Kingdom.

Priorities, right?

We eventually moved away?and traveling to the magic became our biennial goal.

Woody Jesse Family

Now it’s annual.

Well. ?Okay, so sometimes it’s more often as we’ve developed a bit of a Disney addiction (all good things, all good things!).

We know where to write our family’s next chapter and newsflash: ?it involves a castle!

We cherish all the moments we spend together on vacation.

The big moments like watching Tinker Bell fly from Cinderella Castle. The little moments like hugging Ariel (and never wanting to let her go!).

Oh Lucy Ariel

Walt Disney World or Disneyland are more than destinations for us.

Unforgettable happens there.

Go ahead- share your #UnforgettableHappensHere moments. ?I’d love to know what makes your Disney Parks vacation unforgettable!

Sharing is caring!

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Tuesday 6th of October 2015

I'm completely head over heels in love with the #UnforgettableHappensHere campaign! Unforgettable happens every time we go and I wish I could bottle it up like pixie dust and pass it around to others! Thanks for making my day start off with joy!


Friday 25th of September 2015

Oh em gee, that picture of your daughter and Ariel almost made me burst into tears. What a sweet post@ We are taking our daughters in December and it will be the first real time for our three year old since he probably wouldn't remember when we took her when she was two months. lol Yes, we were those parents! :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.