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Valentine’s Day Sweet Ideas

Valentine’s Day Sweet Ideas

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February is one of my favorite months. It kicks off a lot of great dates in my life: my son’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, Princess Half Marathon Weekend, and my birthday.

Celebrations galore!

Due on Valentine’s Day, this funny valentine came a few days early. Happy Birthday, month, Seth!


If Valentine’s celebrations are on your radar and you are looking for some clever ideas on where to go, what to eat, or what craft to make for your day of love, then have I got a blog post for YOU.

I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite blogger’s suggestions for making this Valentine’s Day a little sweeter. There are some yummies, some travel ideas, some Disney (of course!) and some activities that you might want to try out before the month ends.

I’m also looking for ideas for myself. The kid’s new school doesn’t allow food or candy for celebrations due to food allergies. I’m WAY ok with this (keeps the kids safe and is a bit healthier too!). But I’m struggling to think of a cute way to send in Valentine’s this year.

Got any suggestions for me? Add them in comments and I’ll check them out!


Valentine's Day: Crafts, Recipes, Travel and Disney! Sweet DIY ideas for parents


Valentine’s Day Sweet Ideas

1. Travel

What’s more romantic than traveling someplace with the one you love? Nothing! Forget the flowers, give me a trip and I’ll know you are speaking my love language. Hint, hint Mr. Shenanigans!

Allison from Family Vacations US tells us about the time she had a romantic getaway weekend with her hubby. Don’t worry: none of THOSE details are provided; this is a family blog! Just teasing you, Allison.

But if you are looking for some ideas on how to make your Valentine’s special, consider a staycation or quick getaway trip like she did. (And hey, I know a good travel agent if you need some help here!)

You can read about her sweetheart of a weekend at the Seelbach Hilton HERE.

Disney is always an option in my household. James and Lisa seem to agree. They spent a date night together at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and have some fabulous suggestions for you!


Photo Credit: Adventures in Familyhood

Nothing says romance to me than sharing a pot of cheese with bread. True story.

Fondue for Two? YES PLEASE!

Speaking of food…

2. Food & Recipes

I love it when someone shares a sweet treat this time of year. What do you love to make or share?

These cupcakes by one of my favorite food bloggers have a little secret inside. Is the way to your heart through creamy frosting and cake? It is to mine! Dawnn made these and shows you how to do it yourself HERE.

Cupcake hearts for Valentines Day celebrations. Sweet treats for V-Day!

Photo Credit: A New Dawnn

I love easy, and this one is pretty easy as far as clever gifts go.

Becca put together a candy milkshake tutorial for us. Simple, adorable, and delicious!

I think my kiddos are going to get one of these from me for Valentine’s Day this year. I can personalize the chocolate gifts inside to their preferences super easily.

Sweet treats for Valentine's Day Celebration. DIY Candy Milkshake in a personalized tumbler. V-Day never tasted so sweet!

Photo Credit: Love Our Crazy Life

Disney Gal Gayle also had some ideas for celebrating the day.

Wine and Chocolate. Do I need to say more? Check it out for advice on what wine will go with what chocolate.

Wine and Chocolate: YES PLEASE. Valentine's Day pairings and recipes

Photo Credit: Disney Gals

3. Crafts

I’m not the most crafty of mommas but I do like to put a little something together for special days.

I had grand ideas of knocking a new project out of the park with a fantastic tutorial for y’all… but you know, we moved. I’m just happy to be wearing clean clothes and to have found the vacuum cleaner (finally!).

News flash: moving can turn your life upside down, big time.

But I digress. While I was slacking, er, unpacking, my fellow bloggers came up with some suggestions for you.

Julie made a cute heart t-shirt for her daughter that I think even I could manage to sew. Check it out!


Clever and simple DIY Valentines Day Craft ideas. Simple Disney inspired Mickey heart for V-Day!

Photo Credit: Saving Up For Disney


James and Lisa got together with their children to make some handprint Valentines.

And no shocker here, they themed them with some Disney magic. Super adorable!


Photo Credit: Adventures in Familyhood

For more ideas, head over to their blog and see what simple steps you’ll take to make your own creations this Valentine’s Day.

#OhLucy already said she’s going to make some of these this weekend. Wish us luck- I’m not sure the house is “craft ready” but there’s no time like NOW when you are discussing things with a 5-year-old.

4. Disney

Obviously, we’ve sprinkled a little Disney throughout.

But Jessica took things a step further. She’s written a full post of great ideas to cover the Disney person in your life.

Cookies, cards, visits to the parks: she’s got a great rundown of ideas for you to help put the pixie dust on your Valentine’s celebration.

How are you celebrating this year? 

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Wednesday 1st of February 2017

Honored to be included in your Valentine's Day article. Love all the other ideas as well. Here's to making it a special day this year!

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