Walt Disney World Trip Planning: Your Timeline to the Magic

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Planning a trip to Disney World is an adventure on it’s own! Before you start planning for Disney vacations, check out this timeline of events you’ll need to know. Make notes on important steps you’ll need to make as your trip planning starts. And get a Disney World trip planner on board (you know, a travel agent who specializes in Disney trips!) if you have any questions along the way. They are free & experts at planning Disney vacations.?


If you have friends like mine, you’re seeing Walt Disney World vacation pictures pop up all over Facebook.

And if you are a friend like me, you are probably a wee bit jealous.



Luke Seth Dumbo


It’s never too early to plan your next (or first!) trip to the Walt Disney World Resort.


Disney World Trip Planner Timeline

Picture it: your family Soarin’ Over?the World, taking a ride on the Wildest Ride in the Wilderness and partaking in one of those fabulous Mickey Ice Cream Bars.


Disney World trip planner: get a travel agent who specializes in Disney on board!


You know you want to be there.? But how do you start?

I’d say you want to get a Disney World trip planner on board (aka, a travel agent). They can guide you through the sometimes complex concerns of planning a Disney World trip.

Let the experts in Disney World trip planning help you (It’s FREE!).



WDW planning infographic2


When is your next Walt Disney World Vacation??


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  • Sharing this immediately! The biggest question I get asked (as a self-declared Disney Crazy Person) is how far out do we need to plan?? This graphic is awesome, Patty! Thanks!

  • Suzanne says:

    Tower of Terror is my next trip. Already starting to plan out Star Wars weekends trip for next year. Will be booking our DVC as soon as dates are picked out.
    Never too early to start planning 🙂

  • Tania says:

    Love the chart! And yes, always, always make a pause at the Disney Parks Moms Panel 😉

  • Nice graphic! We do this for our big week long trips, but since we live so close, our weekend trips go more like: keep an eye out for a cheap discount on the hotel, buy at the last minute, pack our stuff (forget a critical item) and drive down at dawn so we don’t miss a minute of fun!

  • Jane says:

    You can do ADR before you reserve a hotel on site?

    • patty says:

      You can, but there’s an advantage to booking the hotel first.

      say you plan to visit may 1-10 2015.

      If you have an onsite room booked you can make all 10 days worth of reservations at the beginning of the 180 day window.

      If you do not have an onsite room booked you can still book at 180 days, but you will need to book the adrs one day at a time. You will have to return each morning to go day by day.

      For a hard to get reservation like Be Our Guest you will have a better chance getting the reservation you desire toward the end of your visit if you are an onsite guest. Less people have the same window of opportunity as you if this makes sense.

      Let me know if that helps… Or confuses more.

  • Jenn says:

    Great tips! We are on a Disney hiatus right now, but we will be back around marathon time!

  • I’m going in October and I JUST made reservations last month..lol But on the bright side I have our January trip booked already!

  • Jennifer says:

    Oh my gosh! This just ramped up the excitement level 10 fold… and I’m not even sure when my next Disney trip will be, or to which park.

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