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7 Unique Souvenirs and Ways to Remember Your Disney Vacation

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The trip was wonderful- magical even! But it’s over and you’re heading home. Will you remember your Disney vacation in detail? Will your magical memories of Disney be cherished forever? Time to think beyond the typical Disney souvenirs. Here are 7 unique ways to remember your Disney vacation.


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A Disney vacation may be a once in a lifetime experience for you and your family.

All the rides. All the snacks. All the character hugs.

You don’t want to forget a moment of your Disney trip!

Memories can fade, we get it. It happens.

But here are a few ways to remember your Disney vacation long after you’ve left those magical gates.

Ways to Remember Your Disney Vacation Beyond the Typical Disney Souvenirs

wayts to remember your disney vacation


1. Take Advantage of Disney’s PhotoPass to Remember your Disney Vacation

You do not often have the whole gang together, especially in a magical location!

Jump on the option to have Disney photographers take your picture. Photos are my favorite choice of all Disney souvenirs.

Yes, moms, that means you get into the picture too!


Family in front of Spaceship Earth Epcot ways to remember your disney vacation


Pictures bring back a million memories. Do not skimp out on these!

The PhotoPass package also comes with on-ride photos, making capturing classic childhood memories like this one essential.

Yup, we are *those* parents. But we were in good company, judging by the back row!


Disney World Dinosaur Photopass on ride picture


2. Buy a set of Custom Mickey Ears as your Disney Souvenir

When we took our family on their first big trip, we made a huge deal about buying our youngest (at the time!) his first set of Mickey ears.

Before we left we did a scavenger hunt that ended with the two older children wearing their ear hats from a previous trip.

Seth had none!

Oh no… what are we going to do about that?


kids in mickey ears on the front porch ways to remember your disney vacation


How about we head to Disney and get you a pair, pal?

He still talks about how excited he was the whole plane ride there and how proud he was when he finally got ears with his name on them.

Also: my poor kiddos needed sunglasses. Florida is bright, yo!


kids in mickey ears ways to remember your disney vacation


There are many cute options for Mickey Ears on Etsy (affiliate links).

I love love love these purple wall ears inspired by the Disney Walls of Instagram!

PURPLE WALL EARS from BestDayEverEarsCo on Etsy.

PURPLE WALL EARS from BestDayEverEarsCo on Etsy.


You can buy these custom Mickey Ears and many others on Etsy.

And here are a few more places to find your favorite Minnie Mouse Ears on Etsy!


3. Get Creative With autographs to remember your Disney vacation

Sure, there are autograph books— but you can also have t-shirts, photo mats, hats, and even medals signed by your favorite characters.

True story: I have a runDisney race medal signed by Tinker Bell.

My friend JJ had Cinderella sign her Glass Slipper Challenge medal too!


Cinderlla signing autographs on a medal ways to remember your disney vacation

Photo: JJ Cornette

Disney souvenirs autograph book options from Etsy for Disney Vacations:

Autograph Board On Etsy


4. Buy a Disney Souvenir You will use to remember your Disney Vacation

I stopped buying shirts my kids would out-grow.

Instead, I try to find something that can be used every day.

My current go-to Disney vacation souvenirs are Disney travel coffee mugs.

Like this one.


disney cruise line travel coffee mug ways to remember your disney vacation


The Castaway Cay Challenge cruise may end, but my memories are as strong as the coffee inside!


5. Take a Picture of your Disney souvenir in the park to remember your Disney vacation

Castles are perfect backgrounds for … pretty much everything.

If you bought something special to commemorate your trip, take a picture of it at the park.

Insta-worthy vacation memories for the win!


We all love those rose gold ears but there's a new set of ears on the horizon.?Vintage Minnie ears are here and we are LIVING FOR THEM.?Here's how you can find vintage Minnie ears at Disney.

Photo: Alicia Arbaugh,


6. Add A Special Experience to Your Disney Vacation

The sky is the limit here!

My family splurged on a golf cart when we stayed at Ft. Wilderness campgrounds one year and we loved zipping all over the place together in it. It was a simple mode of transportation that was “so cool!” and is still talked about to this day!

We’ve also had a fireworks dessert party, taken a Christmas tour in Disneyland, had a special celebration cake delivered to our room, and run a Disney race together. The runDisney races are our favorites!

Check out the super family-friendly Disney World fun runs at the resorts. Check out the list and see if any fits your next vacation schedule; you get a little jaunt around the resort and some fun swag!


Holiday tour at Disneyland pin and cookie is a great way to remember your disney vacation

Cookie and Pin given out during our Christmas Holiday Time Tour at Disneyland! The pin and tour was a fabulous way to remember our Disney vacation.


My friends once booked a private fireworks cruise to celebrate my 40th birthday- which was amazing.

Disney has so many options to make your trip even more special you can find a fit with just about any budget.


7. Visit The Famous Disney Instagram Walls for a Family Snap

This is one of my favorite things to do at Disney. Did you know some walls are Insta-famous at Disney World and Disneyland? They make fantastic backgrounds for your family photos.

The trick is knowing where to find them. Luckily, I’ve got you covered.

Here’s your guide to the Instagram Disney Walls– look around and find some new ones!

Sometimes you might luck into a PhotoPass photographer at the walls, which means you need to see point 1 up there and make sure everyone is in the shot!

On our last trip, we had a fun PhotoPass photographer at the Purple Wall in Disney World.


Purple Wall In Disney World PhotoPass Photographer taking the picture to remember your Disney vacation


Disney World purple wall purple wall button



And if you don’t plan anything in advance, check out the best Disney Character Warehouse Outlet close to Disney World when you are in Orlando. You’ll find something cheap AND great here! 

Planning a trip to Disney is all about the details!

Here’s hoping you can find a few ways to remember all the fun you had while at the most Magical (Disney World) or Happiest (Disneyland) places on earth.

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