Introducing WDW Event Chats LIVE!

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Walt Disney once said, “Around here, however, we don?t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious? and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” Well things are going to get really curious around here as we launch a new Live Show on Facebook, the WDW Event Chats LIVE!


wdw event chats live banner

Come join us every Wednesday night for WDW Event Chats LIVE at 8:45 PM ET on Facebook.

Welcome to WDW Event Chats LIVE!

A few weeks ago I wrote a post that confessed I had no idea what direction I’d be taking the blog/social media next. 

TL:DR there’s really no wrong way to run your blog, and I admit mine has changed a lot, which isn’t a bad thing. And change was going to come to the space this year, but… 

I wasn’t sure how it would all look. I just knew I wanted to keep moving forward. 


Walt and Mickey Partners Statue Disney Studios

The Partners Statue at Disney Studios.


Just like Walt. 

Funny how things happen, isn’t it? 

That direction crystalized after attending a blog conference at- where else?- Disney World in early January. 

Y’all, this felt like a big defining moment. It was the first time I was asked to be a speaker at a blog conference- and I didn’t die. On top of that, I had a chance to connect with some of my favorite people: bloggers who also happen to love all things Disney. 


Flock Presents presenters- honored to be part of this rock star panel of business owners.


Basically: MY PEOPLE. 

A few days later one of them reached out with a brilliant idea that hatched from the conference itself. 

Would I like to host a weekly LIVE show on Facebook – talking about all things Disney?

OH, COURSE I WOULD! You’ve met me, right? I don’t shut up about the parks, the attractions, the races, the cruises, the weather, the movies, the food, the fireworks… I mean… Disney is pretty much on my brain 24/7.

And that’s how this WDW Event Chats LIVE collaboration came about. 


wdw event chats LIVE on Facebook


Meet the WDW Event Chats LIVE Team

  • Patty Holliday (you guys know me, right? Right!) 
    I live in (way too cold for me right now OMGee why can’t I be at Disney?!) Northern Virginia with my 4 kids ages 16-7, dog, and understanding husband. He understands that my brain is wired for happiness in one way- and that involves pixie dust and mouse ears. I’m a runDisney enthusiast, super Disney Cruise Line fangirl, coast to coast annual passholder, and a travel agent that specializes in making your next Disney vacation magical. 
  • Niccole Mucci, founder of WDW Event Chats and blogger at
    My family and I live in sunny Titusville, FL so we are able to enjoy Walt Disney World A LOT!!! I am a proud boy mom to very energetic 3 and 6-year-olds!
  • Andrea Updyke, 2015 Disney Parks Moms Panelist and blogger at
    I was born and raised in FL just over an hour from Walt Disney World and I have too many magical memories to count. I’m raising my own family here in NC and we love to visit our happy place as often as we can. In fact, it seems like the more we do, the longer our list gets!
  • Kimberly Stroh, blogger at
    I don’t think my Disney meter is ever full because we’re always returning to the parks for more! I grew up in a Disney family and now I’m sharing the love with my kids. We’re Disney Vacation Club Members, I’ve been participating in Run Disney events since 2013 and I believe in girl’s trip and couple’s trips to Disney are a MUST!
  • Jill Robbins, blogger at
    I honeymooned at Walt Disney World. I’ve done two Run Disney events and I’m signed up to do a third. I’m a Disney Vacation Club member. I went to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure for the very first time last year. We are booked on what will be our third Disney Cruise in January 2020. So yep…Disney and me go together like Chip and Dale.


Sounds like a lot of fun with these ladies on WDW Event Chats LIVE, right? Right! 

I hope you can join us (or catch a replay later on) as we talk about all things Disney. 

If it’s at a Disney park, on a Disney Cruise Line ship, in a Disney store, on a movie or TV screen, you can bet we’re going to have something to say about it. 

Alright, Pals, see you all real soon!

Come join us every Wednesday night for WDW Event Chats LIVE at 8:45 PM ET on Facebook. Or catch the replay later.


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