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So How’s That Weight Loss Going?

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A few months back I decided to be honest with myself and jump back into my weight loss efforts with gusto.

It worked.? For a bit.? I played 3 successful rounds of DietBet and the scale was becoming my friend.? Really, it was!

I took some bad advice and I took a break from my scale.

Shenanigans, man.? I just can’t do that.

I need the measurements and the accountability to keep me on track.? It’s just the way my mind works.



I know there are many people who find the scale to be the enemy.? They find that they focus too much on the number and not on the habits that will make them healthy.

I get that.? Search the internet and you’ll see all kinds of images encouraging you to break up with your scale.

It’s the advice I followed.? And it backfired on me.

I’m right back to where I started.? Yep.? It happens that fast for me.

For me, the scale is a necessary tool.??[Tweet “The scale does not define my worth or my success; it keeps me on the right path with healthy habits.”]I am not obsessive over it, but knowing I need to step on and have some numbered accountability once a week makes all the difference in my habits.

With all that being said, I’ve set up another DietBet (click this link to learn what DietBet is all about) starting next week– just because I can’t keep putting it off.? If you want to join me, come on over and join? No-Guilt No Gut Hottest August.

I also set up another DietBet that won’t start until September 2.? That’s the day AFTER Labor Day and after the Disneyland Half weekend.? It’s called the No-Guilt No Gut Back to School Kick Off.? I hope this one will be $ BIG $.

how to join Diet Bet

If you need to re-focus and re-set, come join this one too.

You can of course join BOTH, but please pick whatever works with your schedule the most!

In addition to getting back on the scale regularly, I’ve started a program that I’m excited about.

I first joined this group in 2011.? I had GREAT success in 5 months (it’s not a get thin quick program at all).? I was cruising along and doing well until- wait for it– I mentally checked out in January of 2012.? #WhompWhomp

I’ve learned a thing or two about myself since this happened.


The #1 thing I’ve learned: I have to ask for help.? I can’t expect a lifeline if no one knows I’m drowning, right?

This program is called Precision Nutrition Lean Eating Coaching for Women.? Look at that title and tell me you aren’t intrigued.

If you are interested in learning more, sign up for their 6-week free course.


I know my biggest issue is food.? And not eating nutritiously is my biggest challenge.

I generally don’t eat too much- I just eat all wrong.

Obviously I run, I exercise, I lift weights, I stay active with the kids.? But I undo all that good work by putting the wrong food in my body.

I signed up with PN through a generous discount they provided to me as a returning Lean Eater.? Lean Eating ain’t cheap, yo!

PN logo

Every day we have a checklist of things to do (only 2, it’s not bad!) as we baby step our way through the program.? One of the steps we are currently working on is eating slowly.
Taking the time to really savor the meal and not rushing through mindlessly.

I had a bit of a breakthrough on this issue yesterday.? This is what I shared in the PN forums:

So today I ran 10 miles (training for a race- and yes, I did my work out too. It’s been a GOOD day!) After the run I was rungry as all get out- ready to eat anything that I could.

I picked up my daughter and on the way home made the old mindset decision- hey, I ran 10 miles, I can EAT 10 miles worth of crap now! Started driving toward a fast food place.

And then it hit me.

Hey, FAST food is not the deal here.

SLOW food. Eating SLOW.

If you drive through and pick up, you’ll in the car and be done with a HUGE (unhealthy nasty gross why do I eat this crap) meal in 10 minutes. Easily 10 min. Maybe less.

I wouldn’t get my check mark, now would I?

I kept driving. Came home, had some left over chicken, carrots, avocado, tall glass of water. Took 30 minutes to mindfully eat it all.

It was delish. I feel GREAT. And I got my check mark.


This is how my mind works.? Accountability.? I need to get fill in the box or get that check mark to stay on track.? It’s why I love tracking runs on Daily Mile.? We get those great emails every Monday telling us how we did.

I kinda look forward to them.? Runner nerd alert!

So that’s the update.? Not good.? Not terrible (I haven’t gained weight since April, so there’s that!).

Tomorrow on the blog will be a guest post by Andi Singer, a diet and health writer for IHM Online.? She went through a substantial weight loss journey, and is now focusing on becoming healthier both physically and emotionally.? Sounds like someone I can learn a lot from!

She’s posting on the phenomenon of the Cheat Meal or Cheat Day.

Spoiler Alert:? I’m not a fan of this mentality.? As you can tell, give me an inch, I’ll take a mile when it comes to food.?

I think you’ll find her post intriguing and helpful.

How are your weight loss goals tracking this month?? Okay, wait- a month is too big- how about today?? How are you doing TODAY when it comes to exercise, diet, and becoming healthy?

Disclosure Dietbet

Sharing is caring!

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Lauren @ Lauren's Glass Slipper

Friday 8th of August 2014

Everyone is different, do what works best for you! Good luck Patty! :0)

Julie @RunWalkFastpass

Thursday 7th of August 2014

Good luck Patty! I am back on clean eating day 4. I have been to 2 quick restaurants this week and stuck to my plan. I am missing my Diet drinks though, but hey, they took me down the path. Refocus is good!


Thursday 7th of August 2014

Yeah- I had to give those up too. Water and coffee and tea is all I drink these days.


Thursday 7th of August 2014

Today I am not feeling well so my eating is going GREAT! ;) But seriously, I've been stuck on a plateau for the last 3 weeks and finally starting to move this week. Gonna skip the next Diet Bet and regroup, maybe check out that free 6 week course and see what happens. Mileage will start ramping up really fast too, for my Dopey training (and I somehow keep managing to forget Marine Corps is happening before Dopey!)

So...we'll see :) But I'm like you. It's not that I eat too much, it's that I eat too wrong!


Thursday 7th of August 2014

Check out the free course. It's an amazing program they put together (but pricey!) Don't stay off the scale too long- learn from my mistakes! Ugh.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.