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What to Wear to A Blog Conference

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This is probably the LAST post you’d expect from me. I mean, fashion blogger I am not. But many of us bloggers go to conferences and I see the same question pop up in Facebook groups: what to wear to a blog conference?

And yes, it’s the last post I thought I’d ever write! ?But yes, I really am going to go over “What I Wore” to the conference.

Let me explain why.

Like I mentioned, and you probably already know, I am not exactly what I’d call a fashion blogger.

At all.

Or even a fashion lover. ?Or shopper.

See the Lilly Pulitzer experience for proof.

lemon juicer

Fancy lemon juicer from Lilly Pulitzer. PS- I’m wearing a new top from Torrid in this picture.


Active wear? ?Sure! ?You betcha. ?I’m all over that (Katie K Active is my current favorite).

But big girl clothes, for like work and stuff? ?Errr… that’s something I haven’t had much need for since leaving my 9-5 office manager job in 1997.

Like any woman, when I got the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration invitation my thoughts went to clothes & shoes. ?I knew there would be pictures, there would be video, and there would be opportunities to chat with brands.

As Olaf said: all good things. Right?

I know it seems I don’t mind having my picture taken but the truth is, I don’t mind as long as I feel good about the way I look. ?And the right clothes- and more importantly- the right fit is key.

wiw 15

When I started posting pictures to Facebook and Instagram last week, I was shocked at the response from family and friends. ?Apparently, I cleaned up well! ?That’s why I’m going to post a few of those pictures with links to stores. ?Happy shopping, y’all!


What to Wear to a Blogger Conference

First of all, be comfortable in anything you choose. You don’t want to be miserable all day. So keep that in mind when picking clothes and most importantly, shoes!

The wrong shoes and a tighfitting outfit can ruin your experience. Trust me on this.

I started at Torrid, a clothing store that offers fashion for sizes 12-28.

Bingo. ?I’m in that range.

I found this store thanks to my cute friend, Dani Ganley of Sincerely, Dani Rose. ?Check her out- she’s got some adorable looks on Instagram!

Here’s the first new outfit I wore to the conference.??I paired this shirt with jean capris and a sweater from Dress Barn for a night at Epcot and Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto.


It’s a tank top and required a strapless bra (purchased at Lane Bryant because I got some ta-tas to tame!).

Ahhh… it’s got an Empire waist. ?And it’s blue.

That’s about as descriptive as I can get here. ?Ha! I felt sassy and young in it though!

Our first official event was registration followed by a banging party in Epcot.

I chose an Old Navy dress (with the sweater again- I got a lot of use out of this one!).

On my feet:?comfortable BOBS from Sketchers. ?These have foam insoles and simply ROCK!

I accessorized with a belt I found at J. Crew to complete my look.

The big day was Friday. ?CONFERENCE DAY!

And I knew just what I wanted to wear.

I searched everywhere for this dress.

And it was apparently a unicorn that had flown back over the rainbow.

I was so bummed.

I stumbled into J.C. Penny and found this one. Fit-and-Flare is a great look on ALL body types.

wiw 4

I owned the cute blue shoes already and the necklace, so this worked perfectly for me!

I added the sweater from Old Navy because blog conferences are notoriously FREEZING.

Do you think I loved the way I looked? ?You bet your Disney I did!


I swore the conference colors were red, white and blue, but in this picture that red matches my dress perfectly. ?No- I did NOT plan it (I’m no fashion blogger!), but it’s cool that it worked out that way.

I had a “costume” change when I discovered the Storm Troopers were available for pictures.

I mean, I had to, right? ?Tank by Her Universe. ?Sweater by Old Navy.


That evening we had an event on the beach.

I went with a comfortable rayon top (also purchased at JC Penny) with white shorts.

It was May in Florida, so I think I was ok in that bold choice, right? ?Tell me yes because I wore those shorts a lot!

wiw 13

Disclosure: ?The Home T is the only item I received for review. ?All other items were purchased by myself. ?

Saturday morning I went with The Home T for filming on Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and our day at the Magic Kingdom.


This is just the best shirt EVER.


WIW 14

I wore it all day and it did not stop performing. ?As hot as it was, I never felt sticky or sweaty in the parks.

Everyone says it’s insanely soft- and everyone is right.? Since it’s made in the U.S.A and a portion of the proceeds goes to Multiple Sclerosis Research you can feel REALLY good about wearing this shirt.

I hoped to share the love of this brand and product to people that “got it” and I certainly felt the right audience was reached! ?I had compliments and requests for the company website all day long. ?I’ll be wearing this one again at Disneyland in 10 days.

If Home is where the castle is, you need one in your closet.

It’s a unisex crew shirt and I ordered a Large. ?I’m an Extra Large in women’s sizes to give you an idea on fit.

The final day of the conference was also Mother’s Day.

I wanted to look pretty even though my family wasn’t with me.

I chose a bright floral print dress from Dress Barn with my trusty pink sweater.


And yes, those are Crocs heels. ?By the final day my feet were killing me so these comfortable sandals got the nod!

The ruched top and high waist made a flattering silhouette.

(Look at me dropping fashion terms- I do watch Project Runway you know!)

To sum up this insanely long post: that’s what I wore.??I was comfortable in every look- minus my feet. ?They hated me by Sunday afternoon.

I was not the most dressed up blogger, nor was I the most casual blogger at the event. ?I was somewhere right in the middle- which felt right to me.

I want to thank you all again for your kind words and support online and at home. ?Attending an event of this significance is intimidating for most of us, but knowing my friends thought I looked great helped me coast through with confidence.

Tell me about your “go-to” outfit for important events! ?I think I will wear my conference day dress to EVERYTHING from now on!?

Sharing is caring!

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Wendy Wright

Monday 18th of May 2015

You looked amazing at the celebration Patty. You looked like a fashion blogger already. Maybe this is just the first of many posts to come about fashion.


Saturday 16th of May 2015

All your outfits were ON POINT. Good job, you fashion blogger, you!


Thursday 14th of May 2015

You are too cute! All of your looks were adorable, but you are always adorable. I also consider myself fashion challenged and I put way too much thought into what I was going to wear. I'm glad I'm not the only one, lol! It was so incredible to see you again!

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