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Summer Plans / Goals… Checking In!

Remember THESE?

I sat down and put all my goals out on the screen in hopes that I’d hold myself more accountable and have a really good summer.

Summer is… well… essentially over.? My kids are back in “school” and it’s actually starting to cool off just a little bit… I mean, where did the summer go!?!


… but how much do we love this skirt?!


Here are the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the summer:

  1. I want to get faster
  2. I want to be more consistent
  3. I want to love to run

Guys… if I am looking at those three goals… my summer has been a massive success!!


I want to get faster…

I still do, and I did.

  • June 1st: 11:42 min/mile average pace.
  • July 9th: 10:43 min/mile average pace.
  • August 21st: 10:41 min/mile average pace.

… I shaved like a minute off my average time.? I can’t even believe it!!? I know that the strength workouts I have?committed to have been helping a lot – and not every run is a 10-something average pace, but I am definitely faster today than I was at the end of the summer.


… what is even happening with this, guys?!


Speaking of strength – I have about 2.5 weeks left to go on my LIIFT4 program and I am actually SAD that it’s ending!? I think I know what I’ll be doing next, so stay tuned!


I want to be more consistent…

Big fat check mark here!

Sticking to a schedule has always been a challenge for me over the summer, but I made a promise to myself to do it, and I followed through.? I’m working out 6 days a week right now…

Monday – LIIFT4 and a run…

Tuesday – LIIFT 4

Wednesday – Run

Thursday – LIIFT4

Friday – LIIFT4 and a run…

Saturday – Long run

Sunday – Rest!

I did give myself some grace during a trip to California with the girls, but ultimately I have had this schedule for almost all summer.


the view from my treadmill walk for my runstreak at my in-laws house!


Also? I’m on a pretty legit run streak at the moment.? It started on June 1st – and every single day I have gone at least one dedicated mile.? Sometimes it’s a walk, sometimes it’s a run… but it is one mile, on purpose, every single day.


I want to love to run…

Another big fat enthusiastic check mark here!

So far – and I laugh as I type this – but so far… I am not getting burnt out.? I do still have a nagging fear that will happen this fall, but as of today, I am still looking forward to my runs. I’m doing my best to change them up and not do the same thing every single time, which I know is helping.

I’ve also started running with Team in Training (more on that, later!) and had my first group run last weekend.


a photo from the 2018 WDW half marathon, where I got a taste of TNT!


Keeping my schedule packed full of exciting races and group runs will definitely help keep me out of the slump! I also appreciate that I have decided to train with the Galloway long run schedule for Dopey – so I don’t have a super long run EVERY weekend.? I’m 100% positive that will help me out.


So, I’d say this summer has been a MASSIVE success. I’m in a great place, and really looking forward to what the fall has in store!!

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