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This Is Wild: LuLaRich Quotes From The Docuseries

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2020 gave us the trainwreck of quotes from Tiger King and 2021 said hold my buttery soft leggings! Everyone is talking about the docuseries on Amazon Prime, LuLaRich. And it’s possibly the most bananapants thing to hit TV since Carol Baskin’s fashion choices. Here are the most bizarre quotes from LuLaRich vendors, mentors, employees and, oh yeah, owners.

wild quotes from LuLaRich docuseries on Amazon Prime Video

About LuLaRich

LuLaRich is a four-part docuseries that chronicles the unraveling of LuLaRoe. Known for their buttery soft leggings, the infamous multi-level marketing company went viral promising young mothers a work-from-home salvation. Capitalizing on the growing power of social media, LuLaRoe’s eccentric founders recruited an astonishing army of independent retailers to peddle its increasingly bizarre and defective clothing products.  Through exclusive interviews, this series unveils how it all went wrong in a spectacularly weird and comedic fashion.

Watch the trailer for LuLaRich here.

wild quotes from lularich on Amazon

Wild Quotes From LuLaRich

I admit it: I bought the leggings.

But if I had met LuLaRoe owners Mark and DeAnne, I might have thought twice.

Because these two are something else on a whole other level!

Check out all these lines and quotes from LuLaRich that show just how bananapants the rise and fall of LuLaRoe was. And it’s ok if you want to read these while wearing your Halloween leggings from 2017- I won’t judge!

Mark and DeAnne Quotes From LuLaRich

  • We’ll put that on the wedding invite: Watch our daughter marry our son! (laughs) – Deanne and Mark
  • Startup. Like Startup a car. – DeAnne on her last name
  • You get to take charge. You get to be the boss. You know, it’s like, it’s easy.- DeAnne
  • The recognition of achievement is not meant to mislead, it is meant to inspire. -Mark
  • All of a sudden they all just ran off, kinda, you know. – DeAnne
  • Welcome to life, your experience may vary. We have equal opportunity, we didn’t promise equal outcome. – Mark
  • We didn’t have a huge problem with wet leggings. We didn’t have a huge problem with damaged leggings and products. We had a huge social media problem. And we had a lot of noise over very little actual issue.- Mark
deanne and mark lularich quotes
  • Some people took that box of clothing and turned it into a million dollars and some people took that box of clothing and put it in the closet. -Mark
  • Women can be strong but there is a time to let him be your hero. -DeAnne
  • Everyday you get to wake up and choose how you are going to thrive and how you are going to fulfill your own dreams. – DeAnne
  • I’ve watched my wife shatter glass ceilings. – Mark
  • The empowering women came from me being married to a powerful wife. -Mark

She only got two likes, that’s sad.

DeAnne, LuLaRich

LuLaRich Quotes From LaShae, Jill, Stella and Iliana

  • When I started LuLaRoe, I couldn’t even afford to buy a box of cereal. Four and a half years later, I was able to buy my dream home. – Jill
  • The feminine vision of the stay at home mom is a very white vision. -Jill
  • My department alone was bringing them a million dollars a day. Easily. -LaShae
  • People spending ten grand for some leggings? -LaShae
lula rich quotes from lashae
  • Being on a boat with a bunch of white people like that, just wasn’t my thing. – LaShae
  • This is a white girl business. – LaShae
  • We’ve got to slow down to catch up. -LaShae
  • I was making art with a gun against my head.- Iliana

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Iliana, LuLaRich
  • I really want to be with LuLaRoe for the rest of my life. – Jill
  • The material was changing. The buttery soft legging that I fell in love with was getting thinner.- Stella
  • Little did I know this was going to end up looking like a penis. – Iliana
  • They all just look like artistic vaginas.- Iliana
  • What do people do these days when they are looking for help? I posted it on Facebook. Does anyone know a class action attorney? -Stella
LULA RICH quotes Roberta

Quotes From Roberta and Courtney From LuLaRich

  • I felt so betrayed by this company. -Roberta
  • I went into a really deep spiral of depression and anxiety from being in with this company. – Roberta
  • I’m owed approximately $100,000. After I left, everyone was told not to talk to me, to have no association with me or they will be terminated. -Courtney
  • You can’t make up these stories! – Courtney
  • I was judgemental for the years I was in LuLaRoe. Because I thought I was better than everyone else. Now I realize that everyone has a story.- Courtney
  • I waited until it was too late and I was one of the first to leave. – Courtney
  • I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through. -Roberta

Be sure to watch this series for more LuLaRich quotes on Amazon Prime!

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